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Feel It Real Gives Chester The Dog Freedom

Hey mate,

Today you are going to read the story of Chester. It comes from Jana who is a member of Manifesting Mastery, who one day was notified that her lovely dog, was going to be declared a menacing dog, by the local government.

Jana did what it takes, and DOVE DEEPER into Feeling It Real, using the lessons on the site, asking us for advice (where we suggested she imagine herself and Chester the dog in Japan, long after this episode,  and then she even decided to join us in Manifesting Mastery.

And today, we share her lovely VICTORY with you. Let’s dive in!


Twenty Twenty and Victoria,


For my story about Chester, I typed quite a long story and then I deleted it thinking “neat short story will do”.

You know how you told me to ‘feel it real” as if I am already in Japan enjoying with Chester. Well, as I was doing the feel it real session, I got a picture in my mind (have been meditating since age 8, spent time in Tibet, did 30 years of aikido, etc. so these things are natural to me) how Chester is sitting in the lap of the senior inspector.

But here is the twist.

Did I tell you that the City Council’s senior inspector’s name was Lester?

Yes, seriously! My dog Chester and inspector Lester. It sounds almost like a movie.

OK, back to “feel it real” – the image in my mind was how Chester is sitting peacefully in inspector Lester’s lap and inspector Lester is softly massaging his back…hahaha.

Mind you, inspector Lester turned out to be this huge Samoan gentleman but very softly spoken. When he said he needs to see Chester and me for making his decision, I suggested to him to go for walk around the lakes where the incident happened.

He agreed and so on the day “D”, bright sunshine, no clouds on the sky, weather like in paradise, inspector Lester in his all seriousness walked next to me and Chester around the lake – what a relaxing job right?

We talked, I told him true and very unusual story about Chester’s life and at the end inspector Lester said “With fresh eyes reviewing the case it became obvious to me that your dog isn’t menacing, and that it was just a genuine unfortunate accident due to the child’s parents negligence.

We will withdraw our “menacing dog declaration”. When he said it i was so happy that tears were rolling down my face and I gave him a big hug which surprised him.

Then I thanked him for walking with me and he smiled and said that he needed it. The entire ambience was quite magic! He did expect some angry woman protecting her dog and here I am taking him for a walk around the lake.

What a wonderful morning at the office for inspector Lester.

The letter from City Council arrived and yes, my beautiful beagle Chester is FREE !!! The council has withdrawn their “menacing dog” declaration.

How does it get any better than this?

Like in Neville’s teaching, I saw the scene of inspector Lester massaging Chester’s back very very real, I could almost feel the love and harmony around those two so the inspector totally understood Chester’s energy. THE END ! ❤ to you and Victoria ❤

Jana in Manifesting Mastery

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