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Feel It Real – Neville Goddard Success Story

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You are going to love today’s Neville Goddard Success story.    Neville teaches that what you want will happen in ways that you couldn’t possibly figure out – all you have to do is Follow-The-Formula.    With that in mind let’s read a success story of Neville’s that shows how “out of the blue” this stuff can work, and then notice the “out of the blue” ways that Andrea manifested EXACTLY what she wanted – fast.  Let’s dive in.

“Another lady went to Stern’s Department Store in New York City, saying to herself: “Neville says I can have anything I want if I will imagine and believe in my imaginal act.” Having no money, this lady walked over to the hat department, took off her hat and tried on a new one. Walking around the area, she admired herself in front of all the mirrors, but when she returned, her hat was gone.”

“When she described it to the sales lady, she learned that her hat had been sold! The section manager was called in, and he told her to take any hat she wanted, compliments of Sterns. She liked the one she had been wearing, so she left the store with her new hat on her head, and she hadn’t paid a dime for it.” – Neville Goddard

kitchen_windowHi TT and V!

I had interesting success manifesting two other things. Last week, my sister and I were looking to see if we had any wine to open when we were watching a show on television together and making popcorn. I thought, I wish we had this amazing Rosé wine I had at another friends house last year. It was the most delicious wine. We settled on another wine in the house since we had no Rosé wine.

As I watched the show, I briefly recalled how delicious that Rosé wine was from the year before and told myself I would have to buy some soon and have it here at the house. Then I forgot about that.

Well, on Saturday, I went to a shower and there were raffle prizes drawn from tickets they handed at the door. I only had one ticket whereas many girls there had multiple tickets. If you brought more than one diaper pack, you’d get more tickets. I only bought one pack so I got one ticket.

Well, I won the raffle and my lone ticket was drawn. The prize was wrapped up but I knew it was a bottle of wine since it had that shape. When I got home, I opened the wrapping and guess what, it was the exact Rosé wine I wanted earlier that week. Wow!

The other thing I manifested was a battery pack for my cell phone. About three weeks ago, I went to Disneyland and my cell phone was on low charge by the end of the night. A cousin of a friend we were with met us up there during the evening parade and he had a battery pack for cell phones with a charging dock to plug in up to two devices to charge simultaneously. He let me charge my phone along with his and I couldn’t believe how cool this charger was. I didn’t even know these things existed.

I have seen mini portable chargers for one phone but never a battery pack for up to two phones that will charge multiple devices several times before it needs to be charged. I thought of how much use I could get out of having that. I go many places where I’m gone for the day and have often tried to locate outlets to charge my phone. Kind of annoying but I deal with it.

When I saw this charging pack, I knew I wanted one. So I went home and later that week, I looked up what this charging unit costs. It retails for no less than $130 at every store that carries it. I was a bit sticker shocked and since I’m not receiving regular checks again until the new school year starts, I thought, well, it will have to wait.

Fast forward a couple more weeks, I lost charge on my phone one evening and I couldn’t find an outlet anywhere. I thought, I really wish I owned that charging pack now. I even pictured it inside my purse as I traveled around. How easy that would make everything.

The next day (this past Saturday/ same day as the shower), I woke up early to go the gym and as I got out of my car, I dropped my phone and the damage was so bad that the phone was unusable. I was at the store and feeling really frustrated because I didn’t have phone insurance and really didn’t plan on spending money on a new phone. I was bummed.

The guy helping me looked up my account and said the good news is that I was eligible for a phone upgrade and to switchover my phone wouldn’t set me back too badly. In fact, he arranged it so I could have a whole new upgraded cell phone with all my data switched over, same monthly plan BUT he was able to arrange a better deal for me so my monthly payment was cheaper. I started to think this might actual be a blessing in disguise.

As he was completing my transaction, he mentioned they were having a sale promotion that day in the store where if you purchase a new phone, you are eligible to choose any accessory of your choice and include it on the bill to be paid on next months payment at the sale price.

I could choose anything and not even have to pay for it then and there. I didn’t think I’d see anything I’d like and then there it was— the exact battery pack I had been viewing online! It was $130 and the exact model I wanted. I got it that day at a discounted price but I don’t even have to pay it for a month (and I’ll have checks by then). Kind of cool. Had I never accidentally dropped my phone, none of this would’ve happened.


Thanks for all you do! I love this program so much!

Andrea C. from Manifesting Mastery – Lesson 49

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