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FEEL IT REAL FUN – Episode #239 – Getting Focused – Help with Healing – Manifesting Money and YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED TODAY!

Join us for FEEL IT REAL FUN – Episode #239 – Getting Focused – Help with Healing – Manifesting Money and YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED TODAY! – Secret Lessons from The Pearl of Great Price!

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Hey guys! I am emailing a question that I hope maybe you can answer with a FIR fun video…

I have a close friend who over the last few years has changed from nice and fun, to a complete victim. I believe this has all happened due to her being unfulfilled in her current relationship. I have tried imagining lovingly for her for a while, but she has so much negativity surrounding her that it’s not helping.

Twice, a year ago and again recently we’ve had falling outs because I called her on her victim crap. I am so done with her at this point and need to invest instead of spend my energy on her but still have to work with her (we don’t talk). I try to stay positive but I want to distance myself from her. Also, I really want her to get better.
Any advice for this one?

Dear Mr. 2020,

Am sure  you are fantastic. I need some advice, please. I am not being able to focus on  FEELING it real…. most of the time because of my depression & chronic fatigue. How can I overcome that? I am doing my best FEEL fully healed & energetic. Will be utterly grateful. Ibrahim


Hello Twenty I would like to get 5000 dollars. Do I have to view my bank statement with a balance of $ 5000 or do I have to do something else? Blessings. Patrick


I suddenly remember that ever since I was a child, especially my mother would say in different ways that things (in general) are hard and that I shouldn’t get my hopes up to high (to protect me from dissapointment) and I see that is what I am doing to myself now.


My husband is very negative and he doesnt want to believe me

Should I imagine him believing in LOA too?

I always share him about the loa stories in the group and still he is saying to be realistic
I always tell him to be positive at all times, i knew that he is pressure and stress as he is not working for a long time.


Hey TT and V,

I’m having problems Feeling It Real for my younger son. He just keeps falling into bad states…. What can I do? – Mom

Feel It Real – Pearl of Great Price

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