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Feel It Real Fun – Episode 227 – Harness the Power of Your Inner Conversations

Join us for – FEEL IT REAL FUN LIVE – How To Harness The REAL POWER of Inner Conversations!

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I find that imagining bad things seems very easy, I even seem to think the bad things are so preposterous that they are funny … but this isn’t funny – only imagining things going wrong and not being able to imagine lovingly for myself …. well you can imagine the chaos … yes there I go again it is easy to imagine chaos …. yet I find it difficult to imagine being calm positive happy and having enough to pay the mortgage and bills…



Hi TT & Vic.

I do my sessions in the morning and at night before going to sleep. But my question is what should be my inner conversations whole day, as such relative to married life?


“It’s the inner speech that is frozen in the world round about us. This whole vast world is but “frozen” inner speech. What are we saying on the inside? “ – Neville Goddard

“If one could only control these inner conversations morning, noon and night, and carry them right into the dream world, he would know what world he is creating. Stop for one moment and ask yourself, what am I thinking now? You are carrying on a little tiny inner speech at every moment of time. “ – Neville Goddard

“If you find yourself carrying on any negative conversation, break it, even though it gives you pleasure, as it does many people; they find such fun in being critical.” – Neville Goddard

“Resolve it at that very moment, and make it conform to your wish fulfilled, and make that “wish fulfilled” a. thing of love. What would it be like if it were true? Just what would it be like? Then carry on a conversation from the premise of the wish fulfilled, all clothed in love, for anyone that you think of; and watch how things happen in your world. Your night, — may I tell you — if that is your last thought, it will dominate the dream of the night…” – Neville Goddard

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