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Feel It Real Fun 234 – YOUR Questions Answered Live!

Welcome to Feel It Real Fun – Episode 234 – Your questions answered LIVE in today’s show!

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“How do i make it about ME while wanting friends with certain qualities and not end up making it about ‘them’?”

“Are we creating states for other people to fall into?”

“What is known about Abdullah?”

Neville worship….. 😉 Neville groupies, and what Neville’s daughter said when….

“If my family member is in a state that they don’t prefer. Did I put them there thru my imaginings even if I dont remember imagining negatively for them? Or did they fall because of their own imaginings.”

(There is only one…)

“Neville was cremated?”

“What do we do when friends always complain, list their troubles and have a negative mindset? Do we just revise the conversations? I have started to stay away from people because of this. I have tried to suggest a different mindset to them and they are stuck on being too old to lose weight, etc.”

“I want to know how I can do shorthand changing their words to positive when your sitting in a group and your head is going in circles because they are all complaining about this or that. One’s knees, another s back, what the doctor told them. I find myself just listening and then having to go home and hear each say how wonderful they are!”

“How did you manifest your Martial Arts Masters?”

“Do we watch tv…..”

Evolving the question….

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