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Feel It Real Fun #232 – Fixing Feel It Real Mistakes

Join us for – FEEL IT REAL FUN LIVE Episode # 232 – “Why NEVILLE ONLY works better than…” – Fixing Feel It Real Mistakes and “Who Is Coming To The Party” SUPER SPECIAL SHOW

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Hey TT and V,

I have been studying Neville for a very long time. YET NOTHING HAS HAPPENED! Well, nothing good. “Good” meaning the manifestation of my dreams/wishes/desires.

HOW do I “feel”, or visualize, an intangible?

How do I know how it “feels” to tour Paris? I am planning a 15 day trip which is Toronto (Canada)/Los Angeles/ Paris/Singapore/Kuala Lumpur/London/Los Angeles/Toronto.

I have asked other “Gurus” who talk about the “Feel It Real” concept, the same question I am asking you. They had no answer. Giving me a course refund was more convenient than answering my question! I have not (yet) purchased your “Feel It Real” course.


Who is at the party?

NEVILLE TEACHES: What would imply – your wish has been fulfilled?
OTHER PEOPLE TEACH focus on the thing itself….

Neville Teaches: Focus FROM your wishes having been fulfilled…

“Perhaps a friend would like a better job, more money, and greater responsibility. Before you imagine, take a moment and clarify the form your imaginal act will take.”

“Are you giving the celebration party or is he? Who will be there? Fill the room with those who would want to share in the celebration.”

“Raise your glass and say: ‘Here’s to your fabulous new job, your salary increase, and the challenge of your greater responsibility!’ Don’t think in terms of trying to influence the friend’s boss, for he could die or be discharged. Just go to the end. Toast the event, and do not think of influencing others.” – Neville Goddard

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