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Feel It Real Fun #225 – Can You REALLY be Anything You Want To Be?

Join us for FEEL IT REAL FUN – Episode 224 – The CAN YOU REALLY BE ANYTHING? – SUPER SHOW – Join us!

Power Points: Notice how TT is the Operant Power – when sharing his story to become a Black Belt – and when sharing the lighter story – what the state of Loving Husband does.

Rock Solid Gold!

“If you would make a state alive, you must be in it. To make that state natural, you must see everyone in your world as lovely, kind, and gentle. Others may not see them in that light, but it doesn’t really matter what they think.”

“You can be whatever you want to be if you know and apply this principle, but you are the operant power. It does not operate by itself. You may know the law from A to Z, but knowing is not enough.”
“Knowledge must be acted upon. “I AM” is the operant power in you. Put your awareness in the center of your desire. Persist, and your desire will be objectified. Learn how to use the law.” ~Neville Goddard – The Perfect Image

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