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Family Success Story – Free Neville Goddard

“My telephone technique never fails. I can give you dozen of stories of the results I have received through its use. Here is another. A friend, in her 50’s desired to change her job for financial reasons. She wanted to return to the electronic plant where she formerly worked but felt that because of her age she would not be accepted.”

“Ignoring all of the negative thoughts, I simply heard her excited voice tell me she had the job! One week later she called, saying: “They not only gave me the job with a large salary increase, but I am receiving credit for the ten years I worked there before, which will be added to my retirement.” – Neville Goddard

Mr. Twenty Twenty,

I wanted to follow up with you about the situation that I wrote to you about (below) where my daughter was in a “war” with the Homeowner’s Association while living in my condo. The way I chose to deal with it was to have the whole thing just “go away” – all of it just POOF! and be gone… the situation, the condo and happiness for my daughter.

Since that time (April 8, 2014), my daughter moved out of the condo and I was able to sell the condo (for a profit mind you). My daughter is happier, and I no longer have to deal with the HOA people because I no longer have the burden of the condo on my shoulders. Oh, and I have more money in my bank account! Everyone is happier, all the way around.

So I knew that I had to uncover my preferred solution and make a move based on that. I realized that my emotions have been gravitating towards wanting my daughter to move out so I could sell the place, but she’s young and had not yet established herself an income that she could support herself with. Moving out, in the past, for her was not an option. She just could not afford it. I realized I needed to stop believing that she could not afford to live out on her own.

In February, she started a business (a hair salon). While going through the Manifesting Mastery program, I used her business as one focus for manifesting for others.

I could hear her telling me over the phone that “business is booming” and “I’ve doubled my clientele since I first started”, and “My income has doubled since I first started”.

Over time, I actually DID hear her say these things… and then the “war” began with the HOA people.

heartwood_flower_2Your email prompted action in me. I already knew what I wanted. Her out living on her own and supporting herself, sell the condo for a profit. Sounds pretty simple, and it was!!!

The way I did it was very Neville. Just before falling asleep I led myself into a pure state of Love. My thoughts centered on how I Am God… and how lovely it is to know that I can have this situation correct itself in any manner that I choose. I knew the manner I wanted it resolved… Daughter happily moves out, condo sold for a profit.

So I concocted an imaginal in my mind where we were having dinner, celebrating the fact that the condo was sold for a profit. We were congratulating the realtor on a job well done, clinking the wine glasses, laughing and feeling joyous. And then, I fell asleep.

I did this twice. And then, I moved on. Each night, before sleep I would go to my bed feeling wonderful. Mainly, because learning and accepting that I am God and I have power over my life has made me start looking at how I actually create my life. So now, when I fall asleep at night, I simply feel love towards The Father… because when I emit and send out Love to the Father, I am loving myself… and I am loving the world, those in it, and the world I am creating. Nothing is more powerful than Love… right?

And so it happened. EVERYTHING came together. My daughter’s business started booming. Her income shot up. She got engaged. They decided to save money for their wedding by moving into a lovely apartment, with less rent. Because her fiance’s mother is a realtor, she listed the condo and promised them her commission to put towards their wedding… this motivated them to get the condo ready for sale.

Within 2 days of going on the market, I had a full price offer. The buyers needed to close quickly, and so we just settled the closing yesterday! We are having a bbq this weekend with the realtor (my future son-in-law’s mother) to celebrate.

How about THAT for Nevillizing your life?!

Thanks for doing what you do. This isn’t the only thing I’m manifesting right now. I know that it’s all coming together right now, as I type this… I can just feel it! And Manifesting Mastery helped me do it!

Stacie M – Manifesting Mastery Graduate

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