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Everything Is Better and Better – Neville Goddard Success Story

Dearest TT and Victoria !!! πŸ˜€

How are you ? Here is a hot humid summer rainy day but a lovely one πŸ™‚

What an AMAZING week !!!

I’m surprised and WOW !!! WOW !!! Is the only word I can say!

Well, everything is getting better and the course is such a blessing to me, I’m learning everyday new things.

I’m just amazed, while I’m writing this mail, I’m trying to put in to words what is happening in my life.

My mom bought a beautiful duplex, I did all the paper work and transactions.

When I started this course my mother was the most negative, irritating person in the world, that was one of my challenges.

After the course, I was on lesson 20 She told me you have to go to sign that you are renouncing to the apartment.

I was absolutely ok, and I said whenever you want, as the apartment is my mother’s and I was also really happy.

During the course when I started to focus in creating with love I saw her prosperous and happy, as my brother also.

He wanted to buy a house, my mom always told him that she will buy him one soon.

The thing is this week, when I was on lesson 49 she came to me and told me, “you are the oldest kid and I trust you, I bought this house but I put it under your name.

So you will inherit this house in the future. I know my kids and you are the most generous and I know you care about me and your family”.

I was just speechless. Because I told her to give this house to my brother, I was completely without words, I said to her ” mom, thank you so much for believing in me”.

My brother was always her favorite, now he is with his girlfriend and has a baby also, and is happy.

Its not the house its my mom’s attitude that made me so happy. This house could be my brother’s in the future and I would be happy anyway, that’s what I’ve learned in this course.

My mom after and before is 10000% a different person, I’ve learned to love and accept her as she is and imagine for her for my brother for everyone just the best.

In my imagination this is an amazing loving place safe to love, live, laugh and experience wonderful things !!!

To be honest I’ve didn’t do a feel it real session about a house, but what Im seeing is I did felt so prosperous lately, wealthy …

This month when I’ve paid all the bills it was really a lot and big amounts and I did it happily. Before I would had another feeling toward the act of paying bills.

I don’t realize all the changes but I feel it, see it, I can’t count them all, but I see the positive changes, my mood, my thoughts, my attitude.

When I lay down to do the feel it real session, I feel so comfortable lately, I was in my bed just happy and relaxed not disturbed by the world’s circumstances.

Another lovely surprise was, my neighbors, they are young couples, but when I’ve started this course in one of the first lessons I did a feel it real session for my neighbors,

I saw them all happy, prosperous. But I saw this young couple happy and with a baby.

Saw few days ago she sent an email to the neighbors saying she lost her cat Valentino, and I felt bad but immediately did a feel it real session seeing her happy with her cat.

I told her to let me know if Valentino is back.

Last night she sent an email that she found Valentino !!!! What a joyful moment !!! I was really so happy for them, and she told me that she is pregnant !!! πŸ˜€

Today I have dinner with this lovely new crossfit group also, which makes me so happy !!! πŸ˜€

Financially What an awesome experience My wallet is never empty, my attitude money is intact, I’ve never to spend it !!

I’ve realized that there are smells that comes easier like money smell, flowers, certain aromas, … like the taste of foods.

I loved this weekend lessons, I’m applying those seeing me in the future and rejoycing !!! πŸ™‚

This is an amazing week for so many little and big things !!! There are more … but I’ve just picked few of them. πŸ™‚

Thank you thank you thank you to you and Victoria as always !!!

Have a lovely weekend πŸ˜€

Infinite love and blessings

Flor from Manifesting Mastery

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  1. Pooja says:

    Dear Flor

    Your story is very inspiring.The way ur simply being happy & imagining lovely things for everyone is amazing.It makes me go beyond my desires.God Bless You

  2. Florencia says:

    Thank you Pooja !!! I hope you will be able to join the Manifesting Mastery course its amazing how it changes everything, alone wouldn’t be possible (in my case)! Wish you the best in the world infinite blessings and love !!! Flor