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Don’t Ever Give Up – Neville Goddard Success Story

Hi Twenty and Victoria!

I’m at lesson 70 and this class is keeping me sane. So, as I go along, I’m sharing tidbits with my girls, ages 8 and 11. So, here is a success story of the 8 year old:

lovely_emmettWe were at the town carnival. It’s one of those traveling one’s with the rides that fold up and move from town to town. So, my youngest wanted a big stuffed animal from one of the games. The games are hard to win. Some of them make it easy for the small kids to win a small toy and hard for anyone to win the big ones. So, I said, one game each, which they lost very quickly. I was planning the rides for the rest of our visit. My youngest really wanted this big stuffed animal at the game where you shoot the water pistol.

Would you believe that I tried to talk her out of it. She decided to use her own money. Then I had her watch the other people play. I tried to explain how hard it was to win, but she insisted. I stood there thinking that this was a life lesson for her. Boy, was I wrong!

It was a life lesson for me. The facts (stones) of life don’t matter. She got her enormous stuffed animal! in a way that I couldn’t have imaged. The person who won wasn’t playing for the stuffed animal, just to win. She gave my daughter choice of any stuffed animal there.

So now, I’m asking her to help me with a problem. I’m asking to her to Feel it Real for me. I’ll let you know how that goes. Meanwhile, I’m putting the facts aside, walking it the state of the wish fulfilled.

Teresa from Manifesting Mastery – Day 70

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  1. Nahla says:

    Whoa, it’s awesome! Congrats for you’r rising your children this awesome way which allow them to have great start in life and already bears fruits!

    Love and blessings,

  2. Angel Light says:

    I also wanted to say “WHOAAAAA”… I luv kids’ mani stories the best I must say…

    All thumbs up for this !:)

  3. R says:

    congratz Teresa in teaching the children as they should grow!

    i am currently helping ‘Nevilizing’ my girl as she’s backpacking thru Europe this summer and experienced a hiccup with her hostel.

    the younger generation can grasp imagining a point ‘beyond the end result’ far easier than we can & obtain spectacular results.

    amazing work. keep us posted!

    blessings, R 🙂