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Does Life Have to Be This Way? – Free Neville Goddard

Hi TT and V,

You are probably familiar with the Catherine Ponder books on prosperity, etc.   In those books, she talks about “chemicalization,” which means, when you are working to change your thoughts, you stir up the proverbial crap. It seems everything goes wrong; car breaks down, you have even less money now than before. It’s as if Murphy’s Law is working overtime in your life. I have had this problem since my 30’s when using my imagination. I am now 53. When this occurs, I can’t stand it anymore, and I stop, and settle for a mediocre life. I don’t want a mediocre life anymore. I want an awesome life with smooth transitions from one experience to the next.

Once again, my life is getting stirred up with my car breaking down, more bills than money, etc. I have not read anything, nor heard Neville address this subject in his lectures. I’m really intent on just continuing doing the sessions, but I wondered if you had found anything in the works of Neville about this subject. Does my life have to go to crap before the good arrives?

Thank you, so much!

Hi Kelly!

Catherine Ponder sure is lovely, isn’t she. We explored her many years ago, and found that like many teachers, even though she is lovely – she makes it a bit more complicated than it needs to be. We don’t need to have the “two steps forward – one step back” pattern in our lives – only if we choose it.

  • In other words, “chemicalization – is an option”.

Somewhere along the line, when learning about this kind of stuff, it’s probable you have imagined that “this is how it happens”, that Catherine Ponder’s chemicalization is true – because she says it is.  And now in your life, you know on some level it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.   You know it’s time to change the pattern and just Follow-The-Formula.

“We are creatures of habit, forming patterns of the mind which repeat themselves over and over again. Although habit acts like a compelling law which drives one to repeat the patterns, it is not a law, for you and I can change the patterns.” – Neville Goddard

What you shared above Kelly is just a habit – driven by a pattern.  Break the habit, change the pattern – experience the bold blessings you have chosen to have in your life.

Follow the Feel It Real teachings of Neville, and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime.

Many blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

PS: It’s really easy to water down the methods, because much of what other people say does make LOGICAL sense. But if it doesn’t serve you, stop it. Study Neville, stick with Feel It Real, and dive in DEEP to transform your world. You are worth it!

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  1. Denis O'Brien says:

    Thanks. I think this is a HUGE problem for many with LOA. One tries to manifest and train their thoughts, the mind becomes nimble and stronger, which in some cases permits you to process and 'feel' crappy stuff reaL.. Learning to revise and re-work it is seemingly the key. I have a phrase I use…"Screenplay" , when a crap-filled unnecessary thought comes charging in, I blurt out 'screenplay', meaning that story is likely going to be in one of my future screenplays and that's why I thought of it.

  2. RHONYC says:

    ‘Revision’ has helped me tremendously when the stuff hit the fan after i began the PTSD-FREE 90-Day program a few weeks back. recreating the past how i want and feeling that past as real has allowed myself to drop guilt, anger & self-judgement like a bag of bricks. it’s been illuminating. 🙂

  3. lisa says:

    AGREED! I don’t think there has been a simpler, quicker….”tool” for immediate shift that immediate revision. It is like flexing my happiness muscle.

  4. lisa says:

    Twenty, this is great. PUNTO! right on point, and so UNcomplicated it makes our modern minds seem to want to pull it apart. You and I spoke recently about the simplicity of breaking a habit. Not putting any energy into it being true, doubting God when we doubt us.
    It is the weight of…. the responsibility of it all when it seems our life is unfolding “badly” with car problems, and heartaches…etc
    Just stop it. I remember when I was in my twenties I was whining I wanted to live in Europe, and my acupuncturist was pinning me with needles and say SO Go,and walked out of the room.
    I did, and my life was never without the power of making that decision and unleashing all the future power behind it.
    Simple. Courage.

    Great lesson in response to Kelly’s story… I had one too…. now it is very very different.