Do Not Be Afraid – Testimonial for Neville Goddard

Mr Twenty Twenty

I had a fantastic day. It didn’t start out that way,but it went from not great to really good. This morning I went to see my mom who is in nursing care. I am in the process of haggling with social services to get her on Medicaid. It has been stressful to say the least for the past two months. I won’t go into the boring details but I stopped and talked to the business person at the place mom is living to ask her about the bill. I am not sure what Medicaid is going to pay and they will expect her to pay. The really frustrating part of this is she had quite a bit of money I had to spend before her income qualified her. Now that money is gone and I think she is going to owe some. Anyway although I tried not to let it matter it did somewhat. I am doing better in controlling how much I get upset.

But the really cool part is I left the office and went down to my moms room. I sat down on her bed and I looked directly across the room from where I am sitting and on the wall written on a piece of green construction paper was a quote from Isaiah. It said “do not be afraid for I AM (and the I am was capitalized) with you…… I don’t remember the exact number of the verse I will write it down next time I am in her room. It was taped to her roommate’s wall and I am sure someone wrote it and put it up there. The verse had I AM in it several times and was about taking care of the person or persons reading the message. I all most fell off the bed I couldn’t believe it.

I went home and since I was still feeling sorta bummed I laid down on my bed and relaxed and started thinking about feeling really good. Being happy. I don’t remember what all I envisioned if anything but I went to sleep. When I woke up. I felt a lot better so I decided to go do some shopping. I stopped at the mail box and I had a check for 200 dollars. Now I knew this money was coming from an account I had closed but given my morning it was still a pleasant surprise.

I went to a nearby discount store and found a chaise lounge for my deck for sun bathing and relaxing. It was on sale and just what I wanted so I purchased it. I went from there to Verizon to see if they could lower my phone bill. The guy said he could cut it in about half. Wonderful! He said would you be interested in a tablet ( I already have an iPad ) I hesitated and he said its free and a four gigabyte and you can use it on Verizon like the phone. You don’t need wifi. So I said why not. Fantastic! I said I can’t believe I am going to pay less money and Verizon is giving me a free tablet. He smiled and said I guess it’s your lucky day. I replied that’s me old lucky day.

So Twenty how do you like them apples? I also have a story from my sister who I am coaching in this but I have probably already written more than you want to read. So later. Love to you and V. Joyce

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