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Diamond Dave Manifests The Perfect Cruise

Loving The Power of Imagination!

Dear Twenty and Victoria,

We just came back from a 7-day cruise of the western Caribbean and I had major wins while on vacation.

First I imagined a fine stateroom…

…where the three of us (a good friend joined us at the last minute) would have plenty of space for all of us and our clothing.  It is disapppointing to discover that sometimes you have to live out of your suitcase because there isn’t enough drawers or enough hangers for your clothes.  Not on this cruise! 

We walked in…

…and found many drawers and more than enough hanging space.  When we finished putting it all away (even our luggage was stored), the room looked as if no one had been there.

“I need quiet….”

Second, when I do my FIR sessions on other ships, I have to ask the crew where I can go that is quiet and they have to search their minds for a place that didn’t have on-going music.  (A musician can hardly call that type of noise as music, by the way.) 

When we got on this ship…

…and to the hallway leading to our stateroom, it was quiet–no music at all.  And then later in the day, we found that this ship (and cruise line) has a very large library that is as quiet as being at home.  And I could do my sessions in peace.  (There were even two very large puzzle tables to assemble jigsaw puzzles!  I has in my element.)

And then the biggie! 

We arrived in Costa Maya, Mexico and the winds were high and the waves even higher so when it came time to undock, the ship could not get away from the dock.  They tried twice and then the Captain came on the PA system to say that we had to stay until the weather improved.  So I said to myself, “I can help them.” 

I did a session of less than two minutes…

…that the wind and the waves would subside and that the ship was happily sailing toward Tampa.  Less than 5 minutes from that session, I heard the rumble of the bow thrusters (not to be confused with chicken thrusters) and then I heard nothing, just like before when we were stranded at the dock. 

So when we got into the elevator…

… to go to dinner, I asked if we managed to get away from the dock, and everyone in the elevator told me that the ship did manage.  Hmmm, I thought, “I helped them.”

“I had MAJOR wins!”

Even though I didn’t make time to do three session each day, I had major wins.  We met all sorts of interesting people–one gal, Mary, from Perth, Australia–who will remain close through correspondence, and two funny men who live very close to us who I hope will become good friends.

We had a lovely 7-day journey…

…to Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico, but the trip seemed like it lasted far longer than a week because all of the quirks I had experienced before on other cruise lines weren’t what we experienced this time.

T & V, if you wish to use any of this in your training, please feel free.  
Diamond Dave – Manifesting Mastery Graduate

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