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Dear Mr 20/20 Another wake up call today :-). Detachment , everything I had read before (5years of intensive study) had “led” me to believe , decide on your “wish”, focus/ concentrate and then let go . (Note: This is a mistake that most people make.) Now clarity from Neville is , let go of negative thoughts, moods ,doubts , gives a whole different feel to things , thank you
for making this clear for me . Thank you , I’m blessed to have found you and this information :-)” – Anita

Hi Anita,

Thank you for the great feedback on the Neville Goddard Project here. For those who missed the original article and Neville Goddard quotes on detachment – here they are: Neville Goddard – The Truth About Detachment.

TAKE AWAY:   Often huge shifts come when you actually DO what Neville did, instead of watering it down with half truths.   Embrace the simple REAL methods of Neville and buckle up, that’s when it gets fun.

When Neville teaches about detachment, it is focused on STOPPING Feeling Bad States as real. Here are three very effective ways we do that here.

  1. Get up and move. Stretch. Bounce around. Do some jumping jacks. (This works because fun MOVEMENT tends to help break stuck states, by generating different neuro-peptides in your body. Remember, Neville was a performer, a dancer. Could you imagine him sitting around tranced out by some negativity? Or could you see him “getting a wiggle on” to break the state and create the space to get into a goodie one.)
  2. Take action. I can hear the objections now, “but Neville says to NOT do anything to MAKE it happen.”  But keep in mind, NEVILLE’s body took action. He didn’t just imagine himself as a great preacher, he preached, and he took out ads to get people to his talks, and he talked with promoters etc. Those actions didn’t MAKE anything happen, they were bridges of incident that he walked across, and were a part of it happening. Remember, you are not your body, you are the consciousness that animates it. Let your imaginings animate you, so you can enjoy “calling up the girl”, or asking her to dance, or filling out the forms (like Neville did to get out of the Army). The actions don’t cause anything, but the are a part of you enjoyably participating.
  3. Do a Feel It Real Session. If you are going to detach from one thing (negative), you need to attach yourself to something WONDERFUL. Otherwise, your imagination will just wiggle back up to the same old crap. Do a session, do one now and that will form the imaginal habit of attaching to wonderful and loving things – instead of stumbling from worry to worry.

That’s it for today, remember your Feel It Real sessions are like meals. Do them often and enjoy them like you do a good meal. And have an amazing day!

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

Tired of making the mistakes most people make?   

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  1. Thank you. It gives me some clarity.

  2. MG says:

    Whenever I need some inspiration or motivation, I visit your page and read some of the articles.. And every time I do that, I always find something that answers the questions (or stop any worry) I might have. I’ve wondered a bit about the subject of taking action or of “the bridges of incidents”, and I finalIy get that it is “ok” to be a part of it all, not just sit around and wait.. You just got to have faith! And I am not a person who give up on my dreams, I will be persistent. Because I know it will happen – it has already happen in my imagination❤️ Big blessings to you both!!

  3. Marilyn Rippee says:

    Wahoo, I am getting up and moving!!!

  4. Lisa says:

    #1 “Get up and move. Stretch. Bounce around.” is so true for me! When I am in fear, I become paralyzed. It’s old behavior, and I’m glad I can actually SPOT it now. Progress! Whatever pattern I’m stuck in, what an easy solution to shake it off! Happy New Year to both of you, and to everyone reading. 🙂

  5. Lisa Marie says:

    Very nice clarification – as always. Great share, great lessons!