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Debby’s Lovely Week 1 – Manifesting Mastery Update

detachment_neville_goddard_quote“We must practice separating ourselves from our negative moods and thoughts in the midst of all the troubles and disasters of daily life. No one can be different from what he is now unless he begins to separate himself from his present reactions and to identify himself with his aim. – Neville Goddard quote

Hello TT and V,

Thanks so much for resending the course. I did enjoy the first time and am even more clear on the way in which I have applied the exercises. It has become my inner conversation to be able to see myself react to some outside trigger and be able to tell myself it probably doesn’t mean what I am thinking it means at the moment.

TT and V note:  In the first 2 weeks of Manifesting Mastery – we explore how to STOP being TRIGGERED by day to day reality (or tragedies) and live from an almost TRIGGER PROOF state of creating lovingly.

Not always of course (nailing it) but more often than not. I am trying to keep a journal this time, am already struggling that, but will stick with it.

I have been on your email list for some time and have been a Neville reader for even longer and been studying Wayne Dyer for decades. I love the way you create new ways to see and live with these principles.

TT and V note:  Thanks Debby!  We love sharing EXACTLY what we do, and how we discover it weaving magically into all areas of our lives here.  And we love hearing from you, this is why we do what we do.   Creating family.

In 2013 when I started really getting a grip on Neville teaching, and getting your daily emails I was starting life over, AGAIN, no job or income, over the average age of desirable hiring, relocating back to my hometown. I was probably already psychologically unemployable as you put it, but I thought I needed a “job” at the time.

Anyway fast forward, I created a place to live, rent free, several lump sums of money an inheritance and now I live in a home I truly love. I have also been able to travel to Spain, the UK and around the US. I have caught myself in the “it would have happened anyway ” place a lot.

But that is one thing I am realizing, that I often don’t give myself credit for the powerful being that I Am.

TT and V note:  It’s great that you are noticing that in new ways.  We really are “God having the adventure of a lifetime” and the more you notice this, the more of an amazing adventure it becomes.

Anyway this got way longer than I intended, I never even emailed you before, because I don’t know why.

Anyway, bye for now and thank you both for being in my life!

Manifesting Mastery

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