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Day 42 – A Whole New World of Adventure in Manifesting Mastery

pearl of great price neville goddard

Hey TT and V!

Thanks for sharing…

… this beautiful lecture (The Pearl of Great Price – in Manifesting Mastery) of Neville’s teaching. It really was and still is so much gold for me. The last few days I really discovered how it feels to let go of anything and buy the pearl.

There are still a few more moments where I recognize myself reacting to the outer world. The thing is, I recognize it and then I can get back to the truth.  It’s just beautiful to feel and to achieve so much more but at the same time I do so much less.

Everytime I am stuck…

… I just remember myself of your grandmas recipe for bread. Just make it simple, tasty, fun and beautiful.

I always loved to laugh…

… now I laugh, but it’s SO different. It’s like my whole heart is in it. Not just that. I love to imagine lovely things for other people. I can really feel how happy I feel for them.

“That’s so new, I never felt something SO real, so effortless,so full of giving and love. ” 

Svenja – Day 42 – Manifesting Mastery

Last night I pondered…

… about the time before I started Manifesting Mastery. Your program really did change everything. But it’s really important to allow it. To really feel that I allow myself to finally change for the better for ever.

Still breathtaking….

I loved to watch videos on youtube and hear music all the time – well I still do – but I recognized that I changed the content. More podcasts, more videos that really let me grow. (Yours included). You’re right – why do we need an answer, why shouldn’t we just explore everything?

When my mind start searching for solutions and everything I now can say calmly to myself: Don’t worry, just explore it. And then I do. I just do everything – I don’t understand – I explore and then I understand. So much more.  Twenty, Victoria, you are awesome! I’m so looking forward to the next sessions. 

Sending you love! 

Svenja – Day 42 – Manifesting Mastery

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