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Day 29 – Fran’s Free Neville Goddard Success Story

Hi Mr. TT,

The ongoing benefits of this course continue to defy all logic. I feel like so many things are changing in my mind and reorganizing into new concepts and understandings.

Living in the past is really a powerful concept as it imparts the knowing that everything we are wanting is still in the process of manifesting and we will catch up to it very soon.

Actually, I think I need to go back and do all of week 4 exercises because they have all integrated together in my mind so thoroughly I am unable torelate to each one individually right now.

One challenge I have been wrestling with is the NOT visualizing my body in “feel it real” sessions. I try to see as I would if I were actually there in my body but somehow the image of my body keeps popping in which I find very frustrating as I certainly do not want to slow down my manifesting. Not the direction I am shooting for.

Anyway, overall, my life gets better every day. I wake up feeling stronger, lighter, healthier. I am gaining so much more appreciation of all the beauty surrounding me and I was already pretty appreciative. I am enjoying music at a deeper level and interaction with others, and the sun and the birds and food. Just everything is so much richer really.

Thanks for all that Mr. TT and V. you have done a great thing in creating this life-changing course. I never would have imagined it would be so renewing.

Have a super great day.

Love and blessings,

Fran from Manifesting Mastery

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