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Cindy’s “What if All Your Needs Were Met” Feel It Real Success Story – Free Neville Goddard

Hey mate,

Today we heard from Cindy in NYC again, with another way cool Feel It Real Success story.  Her story is a goodie – because as you wake up to what you truly are – and as you simply FEEL MORE ALIVE AND ABUNDANT, you’ll find all kinds of “lack” and “struggle” disappear in your life.

Notice how Cindy simply has cultivated an attitude – that allows all her needs to be taken care of – and for goodie gifts to show up in her world.

“Everything is possible because imagining creates reality. And don’t think you can imagine quietly, because your world is a record of your imaginal acts. Nothing appears by accident. You may not remember the moment you imagined it, so you cannot relate your spiritual cause to its natural effect; but every natural effect has a spiritual cause. All causes are spiritual, all imaginal, for Man is all imagination and God is man and exists in us and we in him. The eternal Body of man is the imagination and that is God Himself.” – Neville Goddard

2015-09-06 15.22.30Hey all!!

As my mood shifts and I continue to feel it real each and every day, I try and cultivate an attitude… like the Buddhas must have done long ago..of being mildly amused by things that show up in my world. Whatever they are – from wherever they spring. I refer to this as bread and butter magic, since it is about real life, after all!

For the past decade I’ve been active in Textile Reycycling in our nabe. At Green Market, we have a booth, and collect towels, linens, shoes, clothing for re-use, resale and other purposes, down-line. Wearable Collections is long established, and last year we did something like three million pounds of textiles NY’ers donated for recycling.

Given the fact that many people donate bags of clothing that need freshening up, I spend WAY lots of time at the local laundromat, and am something of an oddball fixture there. I have a great time, meet friends and pass the word about what we do. As you can imagine I always need laundry supplies and such.

Coming down early in the morning, I went and did my usual – check the boiler to make sure heat is crankin’..bring in the newspapers, look on the sidewalk, followed by a good feel it real on my chair near the cosy boiler room. Then I headed out front..and there, cuddled against the front door – a huge plastic container: hmm…. a brand of liquid soap I never use. But was delighted all the same. “Ah,” I smiled, “a gift from the Ever Abundant?”

I brought it inside, wondering who my secret angel could be. Funny, I thanked each of my close friends as I saw them that day, and they all responded with a baffled smile. Saying, “Gee, it..wasn’t me..”

Well, the day went on and I needed to take care of something outside, at a time I usually don’t do chores in front of the house. I ‘happened to go downstairs’. Sweeping up the curb, I then turned on the hose to wash the leaves off the pavement. My neighbor John, who lives some blocks away, doesn’t make it a habit to come by here.. just then, walked past with his dog Rex.

“Hey John, nice to see you”..We chatted a moment and then he said…

“Oh, listen..I bought some laundry soap. Can’t really tell you why, but I didn’t care for it. And I remembered you accept clothes for the needy and run lots of wash. I just got this funny thought out of the blue you’ able to use it..”

Mystery solved. John, a man I barely know… was my secret angel.

OK, what’s the point here: Don’t ever be surprised by the gifts from the Left Field Abundant. Or the manner in which they manifest. They are every bit as blest as major league stuff!!

With clean clothes and a happy face,?
Cindy in NY

TODAY’S TAKE AWAY:   We all know EXACTLY why John didn’t care for the laundry soap, and why it ended up in Cindy’s arms.   When you stop imagining life is a struggle and allow it to be a celebration of you – cool stuff and shifts manifesting in your life – both big and small become commonplace

Note:  Cindy has been with us since July 28, and keeps diving deeper into the Feel It Real Power Pack. Something happens, when you decide to keep diving deeper into Neville, and when you commit to Following The Formula.

Good on you Cindy for sharing with our Neville Goddard family today. You are a rockstar. Keep going and keep glowing! TT and V


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