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Cindy’s Feel It Real Success Story – Free Neville Goddard

“You can satisfy self by appropriating the feeling that you are what you want to be. And this assumption though false, that is, although reason and the senses deny it, if persisted in will harden into fact. By actually embodying that which you have assumed you are, you have the capacity to become completely satisfied. Unless it becomes a tangible, concrete reality you will not be satisfied; you will be frustrated.” – Neville Goddard

2015-10-14 07.07.36Hi TT and V

I had to go out to Queens on the subway for some power of attorney banking business. I was dreading the talk, even though it was not illegal, and I am honest in my handling of mom’s finances: still I did not look forward to having to explain myself, etc..

As mom’s dementia grows, there are often unpleasant financial tasks that must be attended to. I never enjoy them, so I tend to view them as variations on a dental appointment – if you see where I am coming from, Twenty.

I chose to ‘imagine’ instead a conversation where the bank officer met me at the lobby entrance, totally accepted what I wished to do, smilingly facilitated it, then wished me well, asked about my mother, and sent her warm regards.


I left the bank with a check, which went into an account at my bank, specifically for her care. Everything’s set up for mother’s final arrangements, separate from anything her bank can touch. We are comforted – when the time comes, that’s all in order. Now we can ease up, enjoy the time remaining with our mom, focus on her… and not keep looking over our shoulders.

And everyone was sooooo nice about it!!!

Cindy in NYC

Note:  Cindy has been with us since July 28, and keeps diving deeper into the Feel It Real Power Pack. Something happens, when you decide to keep diving deeper into Neville, and when you commit to Following The Formula.

Good on you Cindy for sharing with our Neville Goddard family today. You are a rockstar. Keep going and keep glowing! TT and V


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  1. Samuel says:

    This awesome to know

  2. Carol says:

    My heart goes out to you, Cindy. Good for you for being a loyal and loving daughter, and for helping yourself in getting the outcomes to make dealing with this as positive as it can be.