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Christmas Success Story #1 – Free Neville Goddard

Hello Twenty Twenty
freeneville_present_tenseI just want to share  another success of mine. My husband told me that he needed £3500 to send to her daughter very urgently like within 2 weeks. I have no capacity to help him with the money and his getting stress and we don’t know how we can get hold of this sort of amount quickly. Instead of joining him getting stress about it, I decided todo  a “Feel it Real sesssion before I go to sleep and as I wake up in the morning.
I Imagine that he’s telling me that he had send the  amount of money needed and then he give me a hug ad a kiss and I stayed with the feeling of joy and gratefulness. Everyday, everytime I thought of it, and doubt creeping in, I quickly go back to my imagining scene and feel  the  feeling of joy and gratitude. Within a week my husband told me that he  had all the money he needed and he’s going to send the money.
I have also caught myself twice with a negative self talk and did a revision straight away and have a succefull outcome.
 One happened last Tuesday I was out on the way to a discounted bookshop to buy two of my nephews a book as a present then sudddenly I caught my myself telling myself that “I will not be able to find the right present and I am not be able to find one” and I then  quickly revised it to “I am going to find the perfect present for them” and felt joy in my heart. Guess what? I found the perfect books for my nephews in the discounted bookshop.
Last Friday the same thing happened to me looking for a chocolate present for my friend’s 2 boys, I also ended up buying the perfect present for them at a very good price…
Thank you!
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  1. Zdenka Kolar says:

    Please than this lovely lady for such a wonderful share. It meant a lot to me, as a proof of persistence, faith and regular application of Neville's teaching. Since this story can now be read in Serbian, as well, I believe that there will be some more people who will be influenced and assured that they, as well as she, can perform everyday miracles, simply by applying what we know. Also thank you very much for showing us that Neville's teaching does not work only for Neville, a genius, but for each of us who understand the power of imagination, but haven't tested it in such everyday situations. Marry Christmass to all, and bless you

  2. Carolyn Craighead says:

    I agree! Thank you to this wonderful lady for sharing this (and to you, Mr. Twenty Twenty, for then sharing with us as a special gift!) This is a beautiful reminder for us, "how to do it!" Feel It In, Revise, and Persist! Thanks again!

  3. Nat says:

    What a lovely share! It has reminded me to keep the process pure and simple, to not overthink the steps and that faith, belief, is the keystone. Thank both you and Twenty for taking the time and care during the holidays to connect.