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Christmas Holiday Success # 2- Free Neville Goddard

This week – we continue to share Neville Goddard Success Stories – it truly touches us how what we share turns lives around.   These success stories are more from graduates from the Manifesting Mastery Program.  Let’s dive in.

DSCF4867Hi Mr 20 20 and Victoria,

My discovery of has changed my life; quite a long story! So I deeply thank you both for your wonderful work.  When I take time to work out what I really want AND  the feelings that would accompany my wish fulfilled, I can sum it up with one word which, to me, has great power. This word is EXHILARATION.

If I embody this during my sessions the results are AMAZING 🙂  Seems so simple but OMG it works!  I’d love you to share this.  Merry Christmas to you both (bit late now) and best wishes always.

Thank you,


Manifesting Mastery Graduate

Dear TT & V,

I wanted to share with you my success with feeling it real. It’s a small one but I’m excited because it came about quickly.
I was booking my amtrak tickets to take a scenic train route -one that’s been on my wish list for a while. Although I had somewhat of a plan in place, I procrastinated booking the ticket because of the weather. Yesterday (Saturday) I decided the cold weather wasn’t as big a deal as I made it out to be so set out to book it leaving Saturday and returning Wednesday.

About 10 days ago while “window shopping” I checked availability of days since it is a busy time of the year for travel and found that the dates I wanted were still available at an affordable price. Yesterday I was finally ready to book but when I checked it was sold out-every single seat sold out for my travel dates. Sunday was still available (slightly more expensive which wasn’t a big deal) but Saturday, the day I wanted to travel was all out.

I was so disappointed! So instead of changing my plans I decided to do what Neville would do, I relaxed and did a session. In my session, I was already in the train enjoying the scenic view. I didn’t know exactly what it would look like so I went with feeling awe at what I was “seeing” and hearing myself tell another how it was so worth the wait. When I was in the session, I wasn’t sure how to bring in the fact that I was travelling on Saturday and not Sunday, so I had a fellow passenger ask me what date it was and I responded with the date I wanted it to be.

Today's Lovely Rose in our Garden.

Today’s Lovely Rose in our Garden.

I felt myself smile in my session remembering how I had done it. This felt like a good session except that the session was constantly contaminated with random issues coming up during the trip and how I resolved it. I wrestled with for a while until I decided to end it on a happy note. Not pleased with the contamination, I picked up my journal and began writing Isn’t it wonderful and spun a story about my vacation….to completely be in the state of wish fulfilled.

I checked several times until I went to bed but there was no change and it was still sold out. I didn’t worry about it because it was already done.

Today (Sunday) I checked and it was still sold out. I didn’t let that effect my mood and instead focused on Neville’s ticket story and the one of his divorce for inspiration. I imagined different ways how it would manifest in the physical but even as I was doing that I was coming from the feeling that it was already done.

After I got back from my errands I logged in to book my tickets I had it set for Saturday which I was about to change to Sunday when As a last shot I hit “find tickets”. Expecting to see “sold out”, I was amazed at what I saw- there was no red lettering asking me to change dates but instead it said only one available at this (saver) price!! It blew my mind! Only one ticket at the same time I was finally ready to purchase? It was for me! Anyone who understands Neville’s teachings knows I created this by feeling it real!!

Even my naysayer friend said this is the stuff that blows your mind and even if it did to still be sold at the advance purchase price almost never happens! Cancelations don’t usually get updated on their site.

Just when I needed “proof” that this stuff really works, I received it- twice in a week, I booked a ticket for someone at 30% less by feeling it real. I did it by imagining that I booked it not at the peak holiday prices but at the price it would be at a non peak time of the year. The prices went down when I booked it and went right back up after I completed the transaction.
Will be back sharing bigger successes.

Thank you 2020 and Victoria for breaking down Neville’s teaching to help us create our desired lives.

Thank you 🙂

V. (USA)

Manifesting Mastery Graduate

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  1. Didi Stinson says:

    I want to scream but I'll frighten my mom in the other room. This is sooooooo WONDERFUL!!!! My skin is tingling… goose bumps from how awesome it feels to read V's story. You go! I'm so so very thrilled for you. Thank you for sharing your success story. Is your naysayer friend coming around to believing now? No matter if the answer is no. You believe and THAT is what matters!

    DiEdra – USA

  2. Keith Steed Jr. says:

    Awesome!!!! Very Encouraging!!

  3. Bella says:


  4. V says:

    Didi, Thanks! Its a reminder I’ve used to create a few more successes in the last couple of weeks. My naysayer friend hasn’t yet come around to it. He does see the benefits of “positive thinking” but he also sees FIR as dreaming and “doing nothing”. He’ll come around as he notices the creations getting bigger and bigger 🙂