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Christine’s Feel it Real Way of Loving Life!


“So when you sit down and you predetermine what you want to hear and you listen until you hear it, and you refuse to hear anything other than that, then you are using the one power in the world that awakens a man and you are using your lovely imagination, which is “Christ in you, the hope of glory.” – Neville Goddard

isn't it wonderful neville goddardMorning TT and V,

Up bright and early today!

Yesterday I was thinking how I having sent any updates I need to get up fresh and early. My phone goes off this morning at 6am with a msg that I should of received last night at 9pm. Im usually not this awake in the morning, ive been waking up with more energy and determination ready to play and what I can explore.

I’m loving the course…

…and your podcasts of recent. Everytime I go to bed with question- the next day its answered in some form.  My main gain at the moment is not adding meaning to things and the electric slide. I was always seeing myself but the slide- soo much fun to play with. I always had been a big day dreamer with lots of thoughts and imaginings going on and inner conversations. Most of these were based on fears and adding meaning to events or non events such as peoples silence. I have felt a big relief and no longer feel as stressed or anxious.

My wins = A lot 🙂 🙂

Using Conversations- I heard my daughter tell me about her reading levels at school increasing…DONE!!   She is up 6 levels in two weeks. I always had the thought she just is a struggling reader and she has dyslexia. Im so happy I know that I can control all this. My other daughter hadn’t gone to school for a term, all changed now- her anxiety is gone. I imagined her happy, going and feeling supported at school.

Revision win!…I had a job declined by email…

…so I imagined getting an email saying thank you for accepting employment through us. 2 weeks later got the job exact words
My daughter since 5 is on a crazy failsafe diet- restricted to next to nothing due to adhd and me reading about how the diet helps with behaviour. Well- she can now eat a lot more food. Im struggling with this tho- but playing. I give her food and sometimes im like shell be fine and other times I waiver…and she plays up. I would like to just go whammy and just stop the diet all together.

neville goddardMy thyroid disease is GONE!

I have been in the state of healthy, fun soccer mum. (soccer family!!) went to the drs to get a pregnancy test and found out my thyroid disease is gone which has been untreatable due to medication allergies since 2010!! my energy is up, not asleep all day and my heart palpitations are gone. Anxiety is almost!!

Revised past trauma of car accident and pretty much being crippled with shyness since 2yrs old, my confidence is soring, talking to strangers making friends. Fun!

My countless wins which are soo exciting!!

I’m realising I can create anything I desire and through playing and experiences am loving blessing others. My daughter has asked if I can teach her how to imagine being more confident

I have a lot of things I am imagining fulfilled and with everything I do- I go back to podcasts and articles about being persistent in wish fulfilled- the ends not the middle and remembering I am bigger then anything- anything I’ve created before I can now change and anything I desire I can now have.

Thank you!

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