Candace’s HIGH ENERGY – Day 44 Update – My New Neville Goddard Way of Life ROCKS!

Hi TT & V!

I’ve been so consumed in MM, studying Neville and playing, I forgot to send you an update!  I’m on Day 44 for my second round.

I literally have so much energy!

When I’m up I’m energetic and as the day goes and I get tired I just lie down and rest. See, before I would be drained during the day thinking of all my problems, and running myself crazy. I honestly could say I have some of the same seeming problems. I’ve become indifferent to them.

Just because I already know the end and they are just a reflection of past imaginings. Although it may feel uncomfortable when confronted with them I know who I AM.

Yesterday I had a “tough” conversation with someone.

In the past I would have had a stomach ache, been nervous and just bothered by it all day. Let me tell you how confident I was! I mean I said things in such a manner I was not to be moved…or messed with :). And although some things were said to me that weren’t so nice I chose to imagine that person happy. I had to revise because I could see so clearly how they blamed secondary cause for EVERYTHING.

It was like, “I’m broke so I can’t afford happiness…”

“…You and my mother are alike I need a companion I need someone to give me what I didn’t get from my mom and you”. At first I felt like my goodness hush…but they are me pushed out. I chose to be loving and imagine lovingly for them…and just see them happy.

(TT and V note:  Notice how Candace moved and became the blessing!  GOLD)

And I also remembered what hell it is to live that way. I once did blaming the world for my issues etc Gosh it feels so odd now.  Today I listened to Neville and a lecture where is speaks about falling into states. And I revised again because I don’t think I nailed it. We are all asleep and will awake.

I notice how happy I am just being.

I just love my life whether echoville notices or not. I’m overwhelmingly grateful for you and Victoria. My eyes are filling with tears because I was sleep for a long time and I’m glad to finally wake up. Love you both.

Enjoying the adventure,

Candace – Day 44 in Manifesting Mastery

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