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Can sketching help you manifest your dreams faster? – Neville’s Core Beliefs – Part 2

Hey mate,

Today’s Neville Goddard Quote will help you enjoy what you manifest more completely – and help you more completely manifest it – by eliminating what Neville calls, The Two Thieves. Enjoy this tiny little 2 minute recording of Neville’s, The Two Thieves.

The Two Thieves – Click To Listen

No matter what you choose to manifest, create or accomplish in your life – through your imagination – you won’t ever get to fully enjoy it – if you let the two thieves succeed at what they do.

Last February, I took up sketching – as a way to more fully appreciate and enjoy the NOW of our beautiful garden, that we call Heartwood. Imagine the joy I experienced – creating the sketch you see here. Sketching is a way, to re-invite me home – to simply be – to simply enjoy the garden that Victoria and I once only imagined – that is now becoming a greater and greater experience of beauty in our lives – and in yours.

Free Neville GoddardWhat can you do today – what new activity can you imagine into your life – that brings you home – that drives out the two thieves – that allows you to express the miracle and the beauty of life that you are?

Because the practice of being present – amps up your ability to bring to the present – your ideal – and it stops you from projecting the past – into tomorrow.  It is easy to  really appreciate why this was so important to Neville, because of how it has blessed us too. May you have an amazing day!

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

PS:  Taking up sketching has helped me even more to SEE CLEARLY what I choose to manifest and embody in the world.  In the past 3 days, I have noticed that my sketches look more and more lifelike, AND what I see inside my mind – feels more grounded and is more lifelike as well.   Imagine the possibilities!  We will keep you informed as to how our next 90 day experiment – sketching dreams into reality goes.   And we invite you to participate in it as well.   Enjoy!


Click on the link below, to go to the page where you can listen to the entire Two Thieves Recording – The February Free Neville Goddard Gift Recording.

The Law Of Liberty – The Two Thieves – Complete 57 minute lecture Gift Recording – Click here!

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  1. I hear you matey – nice sketch.

  2. I hear you matey – nice sketch.

  3. Bill says:

    Hey 20,

    Interesting idea to “amp up” the teachings of Neville. I’m predicting success with your 90 day test 🙂

    Your drawings are, of course, symbolic representations of your future desires. There has always been magic in symbols no matter what belief system or religion people follow. I wish that someday our world will look at the similarities of religions and beliefs instead of the differences. There are millions of people who believe in radically different systems/religions who all somehow benefit from their own God(s), Spirit(s) and/or Goddess(es). I think it’s because there’s a core belief system that seems to run through all of them…

    IMAGINE a world where people would celebrate each other’s spiritual success instead of trying to force their particular flavor of God on someone else.

    Informative links on symbols: