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Can Neville Work For Me?

Hello Mr 2020,

I just came across your program on I must say I am very impressed by all the testimonials on your website.

I have 2 questions if you could answer them it would let me know if the program is for me or not.

love_hearts1. I am sure that the program could be helpful in all areas of life, at this time my most urgent desire is to get back with my boy friend.

I broke up with him 20 years ago, he got married and divorced and got in touch with me. I see the mistake I made by breaking up with him. We talk now and I know he still loves me but he doesn’t trust me. He is so scared to not get his heart broken again that although we are in touch on the phone he doesn’t want to see me face to face. Can your program help me in resolving this with him and get him back in my life?

TT AND V:  Let’s dive in. We teach Neville’s three primary methods – Congratulatory Conversations – I Remember When – Revision. We are going to apply them real quick to your situation.

Congratulatory Conversations: “Who would congratulate you – for being so happy, and for having such a lovely relationship? Imagine them being happy for you. How does that feel? (Notice we didn’t make it about HIM, which seems to put pressure on him and often feels forceful. We made it about you in a lovely relationship – which invites him to be a part of it.)

I Remember When: Anytime you notice that “he is stuck”, change how YOU experience his being stuck. Experience it as a “remembering when he was stuck” – feeling it is now in the past. (This is a gift to him, freeing him from the issues that keep him stuck.)

Revision: Create a series of new memories – so that those old cycles don’t repeat – and so those old feelings don’t lurk beneath the surface contaminating everything. Revision works like this.

Imagine you two stayed together. Create a few quick scenes that imply you stayed together. Maybe you took trips. Maybe you bought a home. Maybe you built a business together, or had kids. Do some Feel It Real sessions around those scenes.

And feel free to imagine that you two broke up too, but it was a much more loving break up. One where you remained friends. One where you kept in touch over the years. One where you met up again and…

This tool of Neville’s is one is often overlooked by many many people, and one that many people in Manifesting Mastery fall totally in love with. Don’t skip it, use it everywhere in life.  (NOTICE how often it shows up in the success stories….)

Original letter continues:

2. Going through Neville’s teachings for last few weeks I get an impression that most of his work is around Christian faith. I am not Christian so I want to know if your program can be used by and be helpful to people from other faiths?

TT and V:  Absolutely.  Neville was a “mystic” who was raised in the Christian faith.  Much of his manifesting education came from an Ethiopian Jew named Abdullah.   And this experiences fit in very well with my personal experiences with Native American shamen, and eastern religions too.    

Neville’s methods will work for anyone, regardless of religion or religious background.   It seems to us that they work even better, if defending a religion isn’t a big deal and the seeking of the truth behind and beyond all religions is more of a person’s focus.

In the end, that’s why we designed Manifesting Mastery the way we did.  So it can be used by anyone, and the success stories you are reading have come from around the world, people of many faiths, people with no formal religious affiliation, and people who just want to find out the truth about themselves.

Mr 2020, if you have any other suggestion which can be helpful to achieve my above mentioned goal I would greatly appreciate that. Are you doing one on one coaching at this time?

TT and V:  We only offer one on one coaching as an option to Manifesting Mastery members at a very reduced rate about 5 times a year, and will be doing that again starting mid month.  If you join the program soon, you will receive a member’s only email on that soon.  We would love to work with you (you ask great questions) and until then – use the examples above – and dive into Manifesting Mastery.  You might find that that is all you need to manifest your dreams too.

Thank you for your time and look forward to your reply!

G. M.

If you like how we applied the tools above, and want heaps more of what actually works  (read the heaps of success stories for proof) then join us today in Manifesting Mastery – Click Here

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  1. Ananya vyas says:

    Hi TT,
    Great post it is..thank you first of all..i have a ques. Would not imagining two of us together bring force as you told earlier just imagine him happy and imagine yourself a happy spouse in a wonderful relationship.

  2. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Ananya!

    You’ll notice we focused on “the two together” in the revision, both having stayed together, and we also mentioned imagining having broken up in a more loving way. The feeling we hope to inspire is one of genuine caring and love, and also eliminating any craving of “it HAS TO be him”.

    You’ll notice too, the general focus is in both people healing, finding new levels of happiness and trust.


    TT and V

  3. Ananya vyas says:

    Thank you TT and Victoria for your valuable suggestions and immediate reply.please lemme know some other way to purchase the course as I am not able to do so with paypal.

  4. Cindy says:

    Thank you TT and Victoria. Blessings to you. You have been so helpful I am grateful for you.