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pearl of great price neville goddardHi TT and V,

I’m writing ( just because) it’s worth mentioning…

…that my spiritual journey has had many hits and misses over the years. I’ve listened to many voices (teachers, if you will) over the years but Neville has truly reached me where others have just basically got my attention. ( not putting down the efforts of others, I know they all have their value too) it just didn’t resonate as strongly as Neville has.

Since joining MM, it truly changed me in so many ways it’s quite remarkable really.

I have had such peace and blessings in my life and for others. I was one of those people who read the comments and thought ( suuuuuuuurrrre?but had a healthy amount of doubt along with it.)

Ok, so here I am today ( only day 27 of MM )…

…and I am a believer. I don’t know what else to say accept “I AM” a believer because “I AM” a believer!  Things are happening in my life that are truly exceptional ( and for others too) I wouldn’t say these things if they were not my reality. …and we all know that’s objective.

May I offer an example….

( I know you want one? ?) – coles note version here – using the MM tools – my friend ( small family of 4) crammed in a small apartment really wished for a house. After describing the home and specific neighborhood, they found one and proceeded forward. I only saw them in the home they described (which was not this one). Long story short the deal fell through and it was a major fixer upper after inspection. They felt defeated there were no other homes for sale in that area.I insisted they had the home they desired in the desired neighborhood and move in condition.

Fast forward…they found exactly that and unexpected too. I love this program! It has made so many changes and that story unfolded within a month.

Thank you so much TT and V you are helping so many people! Thank goodness for you!,

Bobbie – Day 27 – Manifesting Mastery

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