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Before YOU can do it….

Hey mate,

Today I am working full out on the Neville Goddard Prosperity Pack, so we are going to keep the lesson shorter and sweeter. This is turning into a MASSIVE and amazing release. So to stay on target and hopefully get it released in the next 12 hours (if not – then it’s gonna be Monday), we are sharing an amazing video below, with three simple thoughts.

As you watch the video, remember that before you can experience, do or accomplish anything – you must first:

  • Imagine it is possible
  • Imagine it is possible for you.
  • Imagine you having DONE it.

So why not take a moment and write those three steps down, teach them to someone you love, and of course enjoy the video, and enjoy three of your most visited articles below. And remember to do what the amazing people on this video did – Feel Your Ideal As Real.

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

“I am interested in sports. I do not go to the races often, but I do enjoy watching the feature race on TV every Saturday. Last week a young jockey by the name of Angel Cordova was interviewed after winning the feature race. Wearing gay colors and looking almost like a circus clown, he was asked about his riding ability, and answered: “The ability to ride has nothing to do with winning. It is all in feeling lucky. I could ride the best horse there is, but if I do not feel lucky he won’t come in first.” This chap came to the track feeling lucky. Was he not imagining that he was lucky when – at the end of the day – he took home maybe $10,000 just for running the race? He may not know that his ability to imagine and feel “lucky” is Christ, but it is, for by him all things are made and without him is not anything made that is made. The jockey imagined himself a lucky man.” – Neville Goddard

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  1. Kim Loeu says:

    Thanks, that was amazing!

  2. Wow. what a cool video! I sent the link to some friends.. thanks.

    I’m dating myself, but I remember watching horse races with Angel Cordova riding when I was a young man. He was an excellent jockey.. and now I know why. 🙂

  3. Colleen says:

    Thank you…the video was inspiring and the three articles are definitely helpful!

  4. Twinomugisha Robert says:

    My kids just wont stop gaping…


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  7. Nadia Khan says:

    very interesting

  8. Nadia Khan says:

    very interesting

  9. Nadia Khan Blessings Nadia.