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Before Neville, I Was Living In My Parent’s Basement – Manifesting Mastery Success Story

brian_testimonialLast year at this time. I was living in my parents basement. Because they were old and I was taking care of them.

My mom died of cancer last xmas. I lost my girlfriend. I had to give up the great house I lived in to move in with parents to take care of them. I hated my life but I was reading neville stuff. Including your stuff.

A year later. Loving life. Reinventing myself. New home to live in. New girlfriend. Traveling to places like Colombia and Vegas. Busy as I want to be at my business.

All thanks to Neville and 20/20

Thanks. More good stuff to come.

Brian and Adela

from Manifesting Mastery

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  1. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Rock on Brian!

    It is great to work with you mate and to share in the adventure of a lifetime!

    This is EXACTLY what it’s all about.

    Big blessings to you!

    TT and V