Before Neville – I Gave Up On Life – Neville Goddard Success Story

Good morning TT and V!

I just loved lesson 69 in Manifesting Mastery – The Hidden Power of Problems.

I would always ask, why do I still have problems? Why is there never a moment of life being 100% perfect isnt that the point of Nevillizing! But now I finally get it.

Problems are opportunities to see God, myself in action. Problems are fun, because with each problem I already have the solution, so is it really a problem?

Before finding Neville, finding you, I used to be like every other christian out there. I could never understand the bible it made no sense to me and the more I attended church the angrier I became. Why would God lie to us and say ‘ask and you shall receive’. Yet Im asking, Im begging and just not receiving. I would cry before God beg and plea and all I got was silence! Nothing!!

I argued with God, questioned Him, but as you know I received no answers.

Eventually I changed myself, learnt to give up on life, to accept whatever comes my way. Life became monotonous, I stopped desiring, and embraced acceptance. It is what it is.

I forgot what joy felt like, what wanting felt like.

Its easy to create negativity because we feel it so well. Think of a negative thought and your whole body responds. It zings with negative emotions. Cry yourself to sleep and you activate powerful emotional responses. You activate that momentum and so this world responds faster to negativity.

I emailed you before to ask about feelings or lack of feelings and you said change your sessions have fun with them.

So now I’m doing that and I’m loving it. I focus on happiness, joy, gratitude and I feel my body responding. I have a smile on my face while doing my sessions it just happens naturally.

It’s fun!!

Because I have realised I accepted monotony, boredom, so therefore I keep getting it back. Change your perception and you change your world.

I gave up on living, I chose autopilot. Now I choose life, I choose to have fun, to create, I even ask for more desires. I am God.

I spoke to my heart and said stop being afraid of disappointment, of hurt, let love in, open up.
You blessed yourself to find Mr Twenty Twenty so let him teach you!

I know this is a rather long email but I just wanted to tell you how much I have grown with Manifesting Mastery. Best buy ever.

love_heartsThank you for helping me find my way!

PS: I messaged my ex the one I would love to be with. We haven’t spoken in three years as I told him to stop contacting me as he started dating someone new and so did I. Anyways we are communicating now and his keeping the channels open by messaging a lot. He now starts a conversation with me lol.

Thank you for everything thus far ❤️

Kind Regards

Julie Clinton
Manifesting Mastery – Lesson 70

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  1. lisa says:

    Julie – very interesting and relevant post. Thanks for the share.
    I too have found more and more LIFE inside my sessions…and the lines blur from one dreaming state to the next. (“awake” and “sleep”) telling me I am, really, getting the hang of it.
    The cool thing about your ex – is – that if indeed he “comes back”…. it will be new people, new terms, new realities, new states. Because of the work/change/delving into you, by you. Lovely!