Back in Big Business Success – Neville Goddard Success Story

Hi TT and V,

Thank you for creating ”FreeNeville” courses, it brought the pieces of the manifesting puzzle together for me! Finally I feel that I can manifest in demand.

For quite few years now I been looking to master the skill of manifestation and felt that something is missing, until now!

I came across your site after reading ‘’The Secret Prayer’’ from Joe Vitale. He mentioned Neville’s prayer and other good stuff about he’s teaching. I Google it and your page came up, and since 1st of June this year excitement took over!

I purchased few things so far: Manifesting Mastery, Prosperity Pack, Manifesting Money, FeeItReal and few other bits. For about 5 weeks now I probably spend at least 3 hour a day studying your courses, doing sessions, listening and reading Neville’s book compilations etc.

I my week 5 I manifested the following:

I make my living working from home with online marketing and beginning of June one of my affiliate account got closed down, because apparently I didn’t follow terms & conditions of the company! This account was giving me 50% of my monthly income, this happened almost same time when I started your courses.

So, end of week 4 and beginning of my week 5 of ‘’Manifesting Mastery’’ I done a REVISION after receiving yet another negative email about my account activation. After a 2 day REVISION sessions where I imagined receiving email saying that my account is now active – on 1st of July I received an email saying the exact words I imagined!

That was my 1st conscious manifestation – where my account was open and active again with no questioned ask!

– 1st & 2nd July where the hottest days on record in London, UK. Here houses don’t have air-conditioning as summers are not that hot. My home office was so hot that I couldn’t work, since everyone had the same problem air-conditioning units got sold out within 24hours, I couldn’t find one anywhere and that I have to wait for at least 7-10 days before they receive new shipments.

The same night (2nd July) I did my session of me having the unit already and enjoying my cool office. Next morning I had a breakfast networking meeting with a group of business owners. As soon as I arrived at the meeting one of the guys came straight to me and without saying good morning or hi, asked me: – Do you want an air-cooler? I was speechless, after few seconds I manage to say Yes, how much is it? He’s reply: – Nothing, I will bring it over to your house strait after our meeting. Now, that what I call the power of Imagination-Manifestation.

In my week 6 I manifested the following:

I needed to return 60k I borrowed from a friend of mine last year and since I couldn’t take from my company yet (as it is in the growth mode) I tried to get a loan, but without success. Everywhere I tried they said a big NO!

So, since I started with your course I was doing the sessions imagining myself returning the 60k to him and how he gives me the high five and thanking me for it.

Well, 2 days one of the loan consultants (who told me before that it’s impossible to find the loan for me!) phone me and told me that he has a company who would like to offer me 60k as soon as I sign the paper work and with terms which suits me! – That’s another tick on my manifestation box.

For about 6 weeks now I’m doing my sessions and obviously as you can see from the above, the time is catching up with my imagined states.

I just want to check with you to make sure that I’m doing everything right when it comes to daily sessions! So my question is the following:

I want to manifest multiple things and want to find out the simple way of doing it.  For example on the money front – pay off mortgage (330k), make 100k pmth on line consistently (currently making 10-15k) and buy my dream home which is still on sale after a year (it’s like is waiting for me, it’s 4Million) – do I do separate sessions for each of them or like you explain ‘’Intend From a Segment-Collapse To a Point’’.

So I guess my question is, knowing what you know, if you wanted to manifest the above how would you go about doing it?

Thank you for everything,


GD from Manifesting Mastery

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Sounds like you are rocking it mate, really doing the lessons, not just going through the motions and applying what you learn. Congratulations on your successes and thank you for the great share. To answer your question, let’s peek here:

How To Manifest More Than One Wish

As you’ll see, there is more than one way to do that, and you’ll notice – one of them will feel more natural for you right now, so use that one.  Natural – is the key.

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria in New ZealandVictoria and I are really looking forward to your future updates and success stories mate, you are nailing it. Isn’t it amazing how those tiny little lessons in Manifesting Mastery TOTALLY start shifting everything, so that massive (and fun) success like this is possible?

It’s totally changed our way of life too.


Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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  1. Bonnie says:

    Love this testimony!!!

  2. lisa says:

    Hey this is a great story and share; so, why the question about how to manifest? It is the state, feel from there and all things come through to us. We call it forth, the unseen to the seen.

    Inspired me to do more and more – yes, you did

  3. Christophe says:

    Wow wow wow gotta try it now ! The AC unit bit is very inspiring. I’ve been despairing about getting Wimbledon tickets + transportation / accomodation from middle of nowhere / France. I like it here but every time I want to travel anywhere it takes hours in cars or trains + waiting at the airport… Yet there’s a private airport close to my house and it would be so much more practical to fly private. But that sounds wayyyy too big to happen. Gotta nevilize this! Thanx again for the cool testimony.

  4. Theodosia McLean says:

    Awesome Manifesting and Great use of revision. Actually Revision was the 1st part of Nevilleising that became My Best (Friend) TOOL!
    It’s nice to see others with Rock Solid results, because mine have been flowing like A Fountain. To answer your question, Oh Yeah we can manifest, feel it real and Imagine multiple things at once, Hey isn’t this A Fun way to Live.
    P.S. I thought I was the only one doing 3 or more hours of Neville Daily!
    Wishing you continued success.
    Dr. Theodosia

  5. Zarah says:

    Hi Christophe, only saw this just now, Wimbledon is over…if you do get your private jet for next year, fly to Biggin Hill airport (it’s near South London), I live very near there and may be able to put you up, plus…the tram goes directly from mine to…Wimbledon!! My best for your manifesting, Zarah

  6. R says:

    let the good times ROLL!!! super duper share…thanx GD.

    blessings, R 🙂

  7. lisa says:

    GD – I read your story earlier this year – and have found you again. Yes, I love the big and bigger manifestations…and doing all at one time – as we create and live from…the state. I am about to materialize a new television channel. For enlightened thinkers. This is a big dream/thought/imaginal idea. Because I am now learned in living from the state -I have By Passed the can I make my rent, I need 2500 to live on first, I need lawyers and expertise etc… I am living from the state of already accomplished, successful executive producer.
    As there are days and dips, as I am always becoming more strong at holding the feeling … I am having one phone call (in Bound) after another where the pieces and the people, the funding and the creativity are falling right into place. And I am accepting it! Watching words like..Unbelievable… I can’t imagine this… Hard to believe.
    Rather, vigilance in my words.. I am living powerful from that state – and very big credentialed people are moved by me. Feel it themselves.
    I am saying: It is already created – I am stepping into my creation.
    And when Hollywood people are asking me where I learned to talk like that – I saw Neville Goddard, Twenty Twenty.
    And I told Twenty a month ago or so -I am creating a new something… don’t know what it is yet – where the Neville Goddard Coffee Club can come to live. Reach millions. Where you can by-pass the messiness of all the marketing.

    Calling it forth.
    Watch it come, with me. Hold that space.
    And we can all hold the space – like Jesus did in his energy and knowing – that all creation is finished, and we but choose the door we want to open. It all starts with feeling it, saying it.

    Yay all of us awakening to this. Yay Twenty for being steps ahead of us to hold the space for us.