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Ashley’s Super Fun LOVE Success Story

Hey TThow to manifest love and V,

So I manifested love this week and boy oh boy has my mind been running wild! Lol! I’m amazed at how on time this course is for me.

Anyway I met this guy online a month ago….

….and we talked here and there but nothing much happened. I knew I liked him and enjoyed our conversations but thanks to the manifesting love course and the MM lessons I learned so far I was able to stop myself from attaching meaning to certain things he did or said.

I continued to talk to other guys and just be open…

…and friendly but when ever he crossed my mind I would see him laughing and smiling (just happy). On July 3rd I had a dream of me and a man kissing man it was such a passionate kiss although the man in the dream was someone I had met and hit it off with previously. Again as I began to attach meaning to the dream I stopped myself and said “Hey that’s a road you don’t want to travel down”, instead I decided to take the feeling I felt from the passionate kiss and use it to get into the state of being in a loving relationship.

July 5th the guy I met online wanted to take me to lunch…

….but our timing and schedules were just not working out. So he suggested we just meet in the middle while he was on his way home from work and on my way to school. Man oh man I had so much fun and felt so comfy with him I was amazed.

how to manifest love

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We kissed and it was amazing…

…and shocking the way it happened so naturally. He let me know that he has been waiting to meet someone like me and that I was his woman.

He has all the qualities I want in a mate plus some!

Of course my mind has run away several times but the electric slide technique has helped along with the lessons about adding meaning to things. It’s so easy to catch myself and stop and redirect and focus on what I want.

Relationships have been a challenge for me in the past but I understand why and I’m so grateful for the course. Some days are easy breezy and others I have to really give myself that pep talk like get your head in the game what do you want to create.

Anyway thanks so much you guys can’t wait to see what we are learning in week 4.

Ashley R. in Manifesting Mastery

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