Are you watering down Neville’s Methods?

neville_goddard_mistakesNOTE:  Before reading the article – can you spot the mistakes made in the photo?   How has the writer watered down the words of Neville?

“Hey Mr TT,  I found this photo on the internet.   Perfect example of how Neville’s methods get watered down, don’t you think?   Thank you for sharing the real teachings of Neville.  Your articles are inspiring and your packages are the best.” – Ivan

Hi Ivan,

We are using your “success story” (spotting this photo as not doing Neville’s work) as the lead for this week’s Neville Goddard Week in Review and Success Story, because you successfully spotted a common mistake that can keep you frustrated (instead of blessed).   Here is exactly what I see is “less than Neville” in that photo – and why it will most likely undermine Feeling It Real.

If you say to yourself there is “about to be a shift” and “get ready” and that it is “on the way”, odds are you are creating the feeling of anticipation.   Anticipating owning a new car, isn’t the same as owning the new car.   Anticipation does not equal ownership.  Anticipation (get ready) seems to create the space for either “hope or doubt”.

“Getting ready for the pizza man to come is not the same as finishing eating a pizza – now.”

On the other hand, Feeling it Real NOW creates the state of OWNERSHIP.  This is why Neville teaches to feel it as real “now”, to come FROM the state of the wish fulfilled – having ate a pizza – not anticipating eating it.    Glad you are learning heaps from the Feel It Real Power Pack

Okay mates, let’s do a quick review.

Here are three articles on Metaphysics, by Neville.   They outlined the 3 foundation building steps his mindset was based on, and gave us very simple and easy steps to follow, so that your work is grounded in his metaphysical experience.   Here they are:

Neville’s first step: Self Observation – Part 1

Neville’s second step: Definition of Aim – Part 2

Neville’s third step: Detachment – Part 3

Feel it Real Power Pack – Click Here

Notice how in each article, Neville builds on the previous step, and how his use of word (like detachment) is often different than how most people are using the word.

A powerful set of lessons, that will help you build a solid foundation.  If you want to take it even further, and support the site, then get any or all of the packages below.   Jam packed, solid, changing lives.

Thank you for your emails, and thank you for seeking out the truth about you, and the real teachings of Neville Goddard.   The world is a better place to live, because of people like you, who take the time to discover their true nature, and to create in love.

Many blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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  1. James-Simon says:

    Nicely articulated and displayed. An excellent example of portraying the difference in feeling and living from the end…Thank you 2020

  2. Yelitza Orta says:

    That's why Neville called: assumption of the wish fulfilled…
    Being aware of something!