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Are you wasting your time by Nevillizing what doesn’t matter?

Hey mate,

Are you wasting your time, by Nevillizing what doesn’t matter? Today’s lesson is inspired by Lesson 46 from the Neville Goddard Prosperity Pack.


“You can start now from scratch and choose the being you want to be. You aren’t going to change the pigment of your skin but you will find your accent or the pigment of skin or your so-called racial background will not be a hindrance, for if a man is ever hindered it can only be the state of consciousness in which he abides that hinders him. Man is freed or constrained by reason of the state of mind in which he persists.” THE CHANGING FEELING OF I – Neville Goddard

Neville Goddard QuoteIs anything possible with the teachings of Neville Goddard?  Are you focusing on something that is a complete waste of time?

Notice that what Neville says. Changing the color of skin, or the racial background is not going to happen. Odds are that you aren’t going to change your sex or your age using his methods either. (Yes, we’ve been asked that, and from what we can tell, no you can’t. If you do, let us know.)


What you can change, and what WILL CHANGE when you do your sessions, will be what is REALLY holding you back.

Color doesn’t hold you back. YOUR attitude, what you IMAGINE about your color is the only thing that can hold you back. Sex, age, education, same thing. If you believe that not having a degree means you will be poor, then you will be poor, not because of a lack of college, but because of a LACK of you deliberately CHANGING your imagination.

So don’t waste your time, trying to change what doesn’t matter. See yourself as successful, happy, healthy… no matter what your age, sex, color, background.

You can change your IDENTITY, by changing your vision about yourself. And that will change your circumstances.

Change your state, change your circumstance.

  • But don’t make the mistake of trying to change what doesn’t matter, like skin color, sex or age.

Change instead your mind, imagine and assume success.

Let’s make it a great day mates! Remember to feel your ideal as real.

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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11 Comments on "Are you wasting your time by Nevillizing what doesn’t matter?"

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  1. Kari says:

    Yes. You can change your age and aging process
    Most great spiritual sages suggest the marking of ones birthdays only keep us connected to the race consciousness of belief in decay and death.
    No it’s not necessary or required.
    Most people’s consciousness is unable to loosen from the hold of the race mind but teachings , like dialogue on awakening and Neville himself suggest that in fact when we know who we are.. God .. There is not one thing we cannot do
    Other than that you are supporting a belief I’m limitations

  2. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Kari,

    If you look at me today, I am younger looking (and feeling) now, than I was 5 years ago, maybe even 10. So I can agree with you, in a way. But, we have had people call and email us who want to wake up tomorrow, be 20 years old again, so they can “do it all over”. They are focused on being a number that they were a long time ago, so they can “be happy or successful”. That is delusional, not healthy, and not possible. Just like waking up the opposite sex, or waking up having a different skin color. That kind of thinking is also putting “God”, the cause of success and happiness outside of them, and placing it on a physical condition. It is much more effective to stop “thinking old” and imagining that age is why they are unhappy or not successful. And once they do that, odds are they will experience much more success, and their body will “unage”, but they will still be what ever age they are – and not wake up back in college. I do my best not to support any limiting belief, and I also do my best to help people not become mental patients.

    Mr Twenty Twenty

  3. Kathy says:

    Right on Mr Twenty Twenty

    This has been the whole problem with the LOA and The Secret. People get stuck on the dot, and waste their time trying to manifest what doesn’t matter. It’s not skin color, sex, or age that matters. It is mindset and belief.

    Thank you for keeping it real.


  4. Charles Freeman says:

    This is why I am here, this is why I read your posts and love your emails.

  5. Eleasah says:

    So true. I’ve met people from all walks of life that are successful because they choose to be. That is proof to me that nothing can hold me back but myself. This life is sooo amazing!

  6. Kari says:

    I Totally agree with you that it’s most important to not get caught or stuck in any Thing that is unimportant and we think is who we really are such as the colour of our skin or the number of birthdays we have had.
    I do also understand that taking our focus off of conditions and limiting thinking or pushing egoic beliefs . Such as if I were 18 in collegePlease, if they will give it to you. I will text giving permission. id be happy etc.
    The only point I’m intending to make is that when I know who I AM and I truly recognize that I AM is limitless and only will be limited by my own beliefs , I AM can and will create without any effort any thing at all that I can conceive of.
    Therefore there really is No limitation to what I AM can do.
    It is certainly up to each of us to decide that for him/ her self but be ause each if us is the I AM we are each capable of anything our consciousness can expand to.
    Do I throw my consciousness out there to expand without anything limiting it.
    I’m not suggesting that someone should think of this as hocus locus but the THe TRUTH of the I AM is that if a person embodied a state of youth they could easily wake up in ” college ” body , state or whatever else they wanted.
    I think ending up in the mental institute would be a state that I wouldn’t even attempt to suggest

  7. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thank you for writing Kari,

    I appreciate your efforts to be clear. I am writing of experience, personal experience. And I am writing to the people who have emailed us, and who we have spent time in person with. Like the man who wanted to wake up a woman so much that he almost killed himself one night while on the phone with me. He wanted to be a woman so bad, he was willing to kill himself as a man – so he could be happy. Be believed that I Am had no limits, and was willing to prove it that way.

    In time btw, he stopped blaming having “man parts” as the source of his unhappiness (he quit making them false gods that prevented him from being happy), and imagined himself to be a very very happy and successful man, with feminine taste and qualities. We helped him to imagine success, and happiness – without making it genital dependent. He stopped being suicidal, and now is happy, and successful. We’ve advised others who want to magically wake up 20 years old back in college the same way, helping them remove the focus on an age number to be happy, to assuming the state of happiness.

    On the other hand, telling them that there is NO limit to the power, and watching them torture themselves because they want to prove “the impossible is possible” – like magical sex change, becoming 20 again, or waking up another race color, that is not why we are here. We have found powerful ways to make Neville’s methods work – to create what one wants – while waking up spiritually to what we truly are – that is what we promote here.

    Two closing thoughts, please share your success stories. We publish them freely, when people allow them to be published. And please continue in your study of Neville. Neville states clearly in this lesson that SKIN COLOR will not be changed. But that what matters can EASILY be changed. That’s the point of that article specifically, and the site here generally. Share what works, share what is important, and change lives.


    PS: Neville says that there is no limit, yet he says in this particular article that “skin color won’t be changed”. So what gives? From what I can tell, by the time someone gets the the state where they get how powerful “I Am” actually is, they will know that skin color doesn’t matter. Neither would waking up 35 years younger, back in time, back in college – in order to be successful. What they will get is that while here in body, “I Am” will free them from false gods, so they can realize their true potential and remember what they truly are.

  8. Red says:

    This alone will make me no longer come back on this site. I have read countless Neville books and listened to countless lectures. He makes it clear repeatedly,NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. NOTHING. He makes it clear that WE are GOD. Do you think it is “impossible” for God to change someones damn skin tone? Seriously? God can do anything. Jesus touched a blind man and made him see. And has stated “anything I can do you can do and more”. So to say something as simple as changing your skin tone is “delusional and impossible” makes me wonder about this site. When Neville says we are Jesus Christ (yet that isn’t “delusional and impossible”?)

    Another thing that irks me about this, is your ignorant “wasting your time on what doesn’t matter” comment. So, manifesting MONEY and being rich “matters”, manifesting cars and nice homes “matter”, but something like this doesn’t? It is even more delusional to believe you can fall asleep and manifest a million dollars, than it is to manifest something on your body. So the ignorance on here is mind boggling. I’d expect it from someone who didn’t believe in this stuff, but from a NEVILLE fan? Talking about things being delusional. Unreal.

    “As you sow, so shall you reap.” It is the law of like begets like. As you imagine, so shall your life become. Knowing what you want, assume the feeling that would be yours if you had it. Persist in that feeling, and in a way you do not know and could not devise, your desire will become a fact”- Neville Goddard

    I’m out of this site for good. Peace.

  9. Red says:

    One more thing. You keep saying ‘waking up to who we truly are’ and you’re full of contradictions

    Who we truly are- WE ARE GOD! Therefore we can do, be, anything we want. Yet you’re claiming that is “delusional”. Do you even know what you’re talking about when you say “waking up to who we truly are” or are you just repeating that phrase you’ve heard people say without knowing it’s meaning? Because with GOD( THE I AM) everything and anything is possible. There are no limits. There are no impossibilities.

    No one said anything would happen over night. Things take time. Just because you have a narrow minded view of what is possible and what isn’t (due to media brainwashing) doesn’t mean it actually is.

    Anyway, this discouragement & ignorance just made me lose interest in a site I used to like. Stop telling people things are impossible simply because you cannot wrap your brain around it actually being possible

  10. Red says:

    1 problem with your theory- time does not exist. Scientific fact here. There is no such thing as time, there is no such thing as age. The only reason we age is because we believe we have to, and have clocks all around insisting there is a such thing as time. But it does not actually exist. We have no age because time is not linear the way it is perceived.

  11. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Red,

    I invite you to read what I have written in a different light, in the light of love.

    When we receive emails from teenagers who want to kill themselves because they want to be a different color, and Neville’s work hasn’t helped them – from our perspective it is far more loving to help them change from being a victim in their minds of color – to being someone who is creative, loving, wealthy, healthy, happy – to the degree that color doesn’t matter to them or the people around them.

    Same with age. When we get emails from people who are upset because they haven’t gone from being 60 to 18 again (actually living back in the 50’s) and they hope they get killed so they can – it is to me far more loving to help them discover the attitude and feeling of “youth and possibility” again in their life.