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Are You Making This Common Neville Goddard Mistake? – Free Neville Goddard

Hey mate,

You are going to learn how to avoid one of the most common mistakes people make in the video below.  While watching keep in mind:

  • “Imaginal ACTS become facts.” – Neville Goddard.
  • “Let me imagine a conversation which would IMPLY  a radical change in my world;” – Neville Goddard
  • “The event must always imply fulfillment of the wish.  Always construct an EVENT which you believe you would naturally encounter following the fulfillment of your desire.” – Neville Goddard

Remember, don’t mentally focus on “the fact” that you want in the world, instead – FEEL FROM THE ACT – that it has already happened.

Many blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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8 Comments on "Are You Making This Common Neville Goddard Mistake? – Free Neville Goddard"

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  1. Joseph Jude says:

    Hey 20-20, Do you have a Youtube channel? Just curious.

  2. Joseph Jude says:

    Hey 20-20, Do you have a Youtube channel? Just curious.

  3. Sharon Sullivan says:

    I believe that this is possible in many ways we have experienced moments of loving energy but in our society we are not aware of what we have experienced so we say that was great, gee we had a great time, but not taking into account that that good time was the positive energy from all around us…which brings me to AA meetings it is the loving energy that heals but again some of us push it away because we are not ready to receive it…prayer groups..etc..but unless we are willing to move forward and lose our fear of love and acceptance we will never advance to a peaceful healing life on this planet…

  4. Joseph Jude says:

    Hey 20-20,

    I was thinking about the difference between "facts" and "acts" and it occurred to me that "facts" are all about engaging the mind, the rational controlling aspect of thought that is so closely related to the ego. "Acts" on the other hand, imply action but also a reaction or state; this to me implies engaging the heart and our feeling nature. When we focus only on "facts" we want a specific outcome usually by a certain time and so we are trying to control the outcome. When we focus on "acts" we are engendering an experience and an experience can only happen when we let go of control and just be in it, i.e. a state that allows us to flow in the infinite possibilities of creation.

  5. lm says:

    Just wonderful – the example of you and V talking about your Aussieism….
    we miss you being a yank, my brother!
    But all of are just glad that you ARE.
    Great fun lesson – especially when you look in the camera right at us, it is like…you are right here.
    Great video. Great lesson.

  6. I just noticed- 2020, you look so much like Neville! Thanks for all the great stuff.

  7. This was great! You made it a lot more clear for me, I'm excited to put this into practice. Thank you for all the work you and Victoria do, blessings to both of you. By the way congratulations on your new citizenship!

  8. Sid Ghosh says:

    Things tends to materialize as we move from 'Imagination' stage to 'expectation' stage . We have to go through a lot of mental effort to deny the present conditions which may not be conducive to sustain a radically different outcome than what logically thought to be . That's when Nevilles teachings becomes so effective .Thank you TT and Victoria .