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Are You Awake Enough? Free Neville Goddard

Hey mate,

Recently, I was on a coaching conversation with a lovely lady, who had been studying this kind of stuff for over 40 years, and she was still having big time problems with it.    And after listening to her complain for 5 solid minutes where she didn’t let me get a word in, I had to to the most loving thing I could.

IMG_0851I interrupted her, told her to stop – just for a minute – so we could determine something, was she awake or was she asleep?   (This lead to a fantastic session, which TOTALLY changed her state, and since then has totally transformed her world.)

We can sum it up with three steps…

  • Are you awake or asleep?
  • Will you take up the challenge or remain the same?
  • Will you Follow The Formula?

Let’s dive into the first question, “Are you awake or asleep?” Most people you meet on the street will assert they are awake, that most everyone is awake, it’s just “common sense”. But let’s see what Neville has to say about being awake or being asleep.

“There is quite a difference between being awake to your imaginal activities and being asleep to them. Awake, you can trace the event taking place on the outside to an imaginal act; but asleep you will find someone or something on the outside to be its cause.” – Neville Goddard

To notice if you are now awake or asleep, just ask yourself….

  • What is the cause of my current level of failure or success?
  • What is the cause of my current state of sadness or happiness?

learn how to feel it real - click hereIf you blame it on the world, how much money you made last month, the economy, where you live or whether or not you have a partner (or if they were nice to you) – you are asleep.

Neville asks us to WAKE UP, so you can be what you truly are in the world.  So you can live life to the fullest, so you can FEEL IT REAL effectively. And to do that, you must wake up, and notice – what is in your physical world – was given birth to in the imaginal world.

It’s time – to dive deeper – so you get faster results!

Once you do and then you can amp it up and take the Neville Goddard Challenge.

“I ask you now to take the challenge and change your thinking, although I know it is not an easy thing to do. I have known those who so enjoy hating another that they do not want to change. They seem to receive a certain pleasure out of hating and do not realize that they are only hating themselves.” – Neville Goddard

Take the challenge.   Notice if you are hooked on hate.   Are you focused on and subtly enjoying hating your life – more than you are enjoying re-creating your life?

  • Do you hate another for what they have done?  (Still waiting for that apology?)
  • Do you hate your circumstances in life?   (Or are you creating the states you choose to have in your life?)   

Hating ANYTHING or anyone, is only hating yourself. Feeling hate is FEEDING the stuck state.  Stop it.

Instead of hating, FALL IN LOVE.  Follow The Formula and enter into the state akin to sleep and Feel It Real. Give yourself the gift of a session where you FULLY LIVE and fully FEEL your ideal as real.

Follow The Formula often enough – fully enough – and you will suddenly NOTICE, you and your world have started changing. You won’t be looking for signs that “it’s coming”. You will know that everything has changed – because you have changed.

“Think of your thoughts as magnetic seeds, invisible and miniature, and the world as bearing witness to their arrangement. And remember: all you need do is rearrange your power-filled thoughts, and you will produce a corresponding rearrangement in your outer world.” – Neville Goddard

That’s it mate.   Just remember, don’ t make it up as you go along, and don’t fall for the next new technique or toy.   Do what we do, Follow the Feel It Real Formula and join us in the adventure of a lifetime.

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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(Read the testimonials from last year, make up your mind.  Just fantastic!)

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  1. Stephana Johnson says:

    Fantastic look! I bet that knocked her socks off! I love your take on it. It's so totally true. I always know when I've been sawing some wood (sleeping) as I get disconnected from ME. That's no fun. But it seems like the general pop has been set up to be walking snoozers, imprinted on at any given chance. Waking up is a refreshing relief I highly recommend! Thanks for the great article Mr. TT and V!

  2. He leído un poco el contenido del "Feel It Real Power Pack". Con el traductos de Google. Está muy interesante. Quisiera saber si existe en español, para poder comprarlo. Muchas gracias.

  3. Max says:

    I would love it if you guys would cross-reference the Neville lectures or essays from which the quotes are pulled. I always like to go back to those…

  4. Cindy in NYC says:

    Been doing my daily ‘feel it reals’ and revision sessions for some time now and I’ve become aware of some lifelong, automatic responses I have to events and circumstances (tho’ never questioned them till now!) Example:”Grievance Collecting” (what my ex-boyfriend/boss/teacher/tax preparer/Doctor/nasty neighbor) did to me. And why I am at their mercy/can’t get ahead/haven’t recovered/never have enough to pay my bills, etc..all this addictive crap, exposed to the light… began to lose its grip over me.

    Now, when the opportunity to “Get a Mad-On” arises, instead I often react by musing, “Hmm,now that’s really interesting..” If the anger persists, I revise. Although most of the time, it doesn’t. It is now defanged, if you like. Creating a fresh open space for purposeful, cool stuff.

  5. Francis says:

    Great post Mr. TT as usual you provide great value.

    Thanks 🙂

  6. Zarah says:

    Awaken the mind by feeding it only good stuff (like Neville and lovingly imagining) and you shall awaken the body. Or awaken the body by feeding it good stuff (like the natural plant based diet it was made for) and you shall awaken your mind. Two sides of the same coin, I speak from first hand experience, in fact I’d like to submit to you that one without the other is impossible, you only have to read scripture and actually follow those simple clear commandments to understand and become truly awake. Disassociate from religious beliefs and follow the formula! Your mind and body can only exist together, inhabited by spirit. Tho shalt not kill is a big clue to success here. Do not kill ANYTHING! Not physically, this applies to creatures and humans. Nor in the mind, killing off another’s desires or deeds. Only thing that needs doing in order to”nail it” is to crucify your state in the mind of the wish fulfilled and you shall be resurrected as such.

    Thanks TT and V for the “rambling space” = )

  7. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Zarah,

    The physical – only expresses – life.

    We are – what gives life.

    Nothing physical – really dies – – because it never really “lived”.

    What you are existed before your body – it will exist after your body. Same with carrots and cattle.

    What are are – gives life – through states.

    What states are you giving life to and through?


    Thanks for the space to ramble back!

    TT and V tooo

  8. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thanks Francis!

    Our pleasure!

  9. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Nice Cindy!

    What good fun this is!

  10. Zarah says:

    Agreed, I am only spirit, as we all are!

  11. Zarah says:

    Ps I choose a state in body AND mind that neither kills nor does harm, granted this is setting the bar real high, but hey, I love a challenge, the body side proving much easier than the mind side, spirit is always perfect by its very nature….

  12. Zarah says:

    Just a quick question to clarify you think it wouldOK to kill for your tastebud pleasure because whatever creature walked too slowly past your plate was never truly alive in the first place?

  13. Zarah says:

    …or kill another human ?

    Taking life physically or mentally is absolutely not the way to true awakening.

  14. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Zarah,

    Your body – can’t help – but consume – other bodies.

    Life, isn’t the body. Life is expressed in the body.

    With that in mind, if eating carrots or eating cattle feels wrong to you, you’ve got to make decisions – from that state.


  15. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Zarah,

    I’m not considering killing another human, I don’t think you are either.

    The state I live from, makes “not killing humans” a natural thing.

    As far as carrots and cattle go, eating one or the other – has nothing to do with waking up – or being asleep.


  16. Zarah says:

    So would I be correct to assume Emmett being a creature is less worthy of your love and compassion?hmmm …this deserves thinking about, happy to continue this very interesting conversation “off screen” if you may feel it is too personal for public consumption….your MANIFESTING mastery program has inspired me to manifestMASTERY, I can truly never thank you enough, you guys and Neville (who incidentally died the year i was born) showing up in my life was such a meaningful bridge of incident for me feeling awake on all levels.

    My heartfelt thanks and blessings

  17. Zarah says:

    Last PS, promise!!

    If you ever thought “uuurgh, I could kill that person” in your imaginal act then, according to Neville you have as much committed the crime energetically somewhere in the universe, that is what is known as missing the mark or sinning!!

    Energy NEVER gets lost, it gets transmuted, physics here!!
    Energy invested in an imaginal act = a thought does not get lost either, just changed into something else somewhere else …reference Neville’s lecture about his dentist…

    Big warm fuzzy hugs

  18. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Zarah,

    You are making up “more worthy and less worthy”.

    I don’t experience that at all.

    Try this on…

    About 20 years ago, I was teaching “plant medicine”. I was known in my area for letting plants “speak to me”. I could be near a plant, and know exactly what that particular plant was good for, and for who….

    I had a student, who was very intuitive in other areas of life, but got NOTHING – EVER from the plants.

    She asked me about it.

    So I asked her, “Why are you a vegetarian?”

    She GLARED at me, and said something about, “You meat eaters wouldn’t understand. I don’t eat anything with a face. I don’t eat anything that was alive.”

    We talked a bit….

    And she didn’t get, that she created a very complicated way to live life. She made up this hierarchy, that made animals more alive than plants… that made being a vego better than being a meat eater, that made her better than me.

    Pure comedy.

    LIFE IS.

    Life is what you are – and it’s what we express through EVERYTHING.

    It doesn’t matter what you eat, or if you are killing carrots or cattle. Just appreciate and love all of it. The good, the bad, the indifferent.


  19. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    PS: Want to have fun? LOVE the moment. Most people don’t seem to be able to. They pseudo live life – always wanting to be somewhere else. They never fully inhabit this moment, they never fully love it.

    Once you do that, manifesting is easy……

  20. Zarah says:

    I think you may mistake my intention behind my questions…I have zero problem with any individuals lifestyle choices, just felt prompted to explore that we mostly operate from an asleep conditioned state, not to blame outside conditions like parents etc cos they didn’t know any better either, just because you may have been brought up to believe you were designed to consume what is undeniably a cross-species baby growth food that is absolutely fine with me if you chooseto stay in that state…and I also believe that for that reason alone it will not do you any harm whatsoever… All food is clean as long as you perceive it to be….or something like that.
    Just pondering why the bible talks about much bigger lifespans in the old testament, why there are cows, sheep etc worthy of inclusion in the stories of Christ,s birth etc….never forgetting of course that it is a metaphysical book…

    Thank you be blessed

  21. Zarah says:

    And like I said, MANIFESTING I am beyond my wildest dreams, and I thank you for playing such a loving part in it!!

    There are two parts to Neville, the LAW and the PROMISE.

    Applying the LAW and harvesting its benefits on a daily basis, onwards and upwards, as they say, the PROMISE is what keeps me enjoying every moment to the full, just that I can honestly say now, my enjoyment is now just BEING, I will never find joy in harming another either in thought or deeds

    You are very loving and much appreciated, all of it!!

  22. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Nice Zarah!


  23. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    You be blessed too!

  24. Zarah says:

    …it is a deep DEEP rabbit hole most of us get stuck in, but once you realise you don’t have to hide ( because you no longer fear what you don’t know) in it, then you will be free to play in the green grass so to speak. Cowspiracy, check it out 😉

  25. Nat says:

    Love today’s message, powerful quotes from Neville, your ace explanations. Ties in with what I have been thinking about these past few days. What a tonic. Thanks TT!

  26. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thanks Nat!

    That’s what it’s all about!


  27. Lisa says:

    Me too! “This is me being mad/disappointed/etc” and that slight distance reminds me I AM what I choose.
    So, as ACIM says too…


    Love this, thanks!

  28. Lisa says:

    Twenty, I read this entire thread… and of course the lesson as well. Again, I am….impressed, it makes an impression on me, the way you are simply able to be clear and well, live.
    Live now. You are a great example in my imagination – all three of you in your family.