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Another Typical Weekend of Manifesting – Free Neville Goddard

Hey mate,

Last year we wrote this post:  A Typical Weekend Of Manifesting which was great fun (and a small peek into our daily lives here) and we thought it was time to do a quick follow up.  Let’s dive in and have fun with what happens when you are Following The Formula.

amazingYesterday, Victoria and I went to see a Cirque show – which is something we love doing.  Excellence and beauty in all forms inspires us.   The one we went to was literally a “Cirque Close Up” show, and our seats put us pretty much as close to “on stage” as you could get.

Everything that was happening – was no further than 25 feet from our table.  (Yes, we had a table to sit at, with comfy chairs – that was so cool.)  Anyhoo….

In the first half of the show, the “mc” took four volunteers from the audience – and had them onstage in a funny skit.  It was really cool, BUT – they were all doing stuff that I didn’t want to do – if I were up there.

Meanwhile, I imagined what the view was like from CENTER STAGE, and how the lights would FEEL on my skin.    I imagined returning to my seat seeing Victoria’s huge smile and then let it go to enjoy the show.

Less than 30 minutes later, the MC sat down beside me, and told me I was in the next act.  (I was the last member of the audience to get in the show.)  My role was simple, he said, “You are going to blow up two red balloons, and I am going to get inside one of them.”

As you can imagine, it was great fun.   I got to be on CENTER STAGE, feel the lights on my skin – and DISCOVER what the view was like.  With all those bright lights, I couldn’t see anything.  (Which was not how I imagined it would be like, I imagined seeing FACES in the audience.   Not a chance.

POWER POINT:  Even though I was totally wrong about what I could SEE from the stage – I still looked out through my own eyes – and my Manifestation happened – within 30 minutes.  

But here’s the ROCK SOLID REASON why it worked:  I was spot on – on how the lights would FEEL on my skin.   So you don’t have to get EVERYTHING right.   But here is the genius of NEVILLE GODDARD in action.

Victoria looked EXACTLY like I thought she would – when I walked back from the stage.   Remember, Neville says to imagine something that FOLLOWS the state of your wish fulfilled – something that IMPLIES it is rock solid fact in your life.

Her smile, while sitting at that table – was it.  That was the ANCHOR POINT of my scene.


My neck hurt.  My neck hurt BAD.  In fact, it was hurting HEAPS for about 4 days.  I’m talking NOT FUN at all.   That and my left hip was SORE, which took away from playing with our puppy and taking walks.   I’ve been enjoying stretching the hip out and exploring it with Chi Kung and Tai Chi practice – but it’s just been a bugger this week.

So I decided Sunday morning to go get a massage – and get a few groceries.  So I imagined – as Neville teaches – feeling GREAT later in the day.   I imagined playing with Emmett full on, and just feeling good.

Some things just don’t go as planned.

Victoria snuck out for a few hours for some “sister time” and I was going to the shops.  But Emmett, who just got desexed Friday, wanted to come along.  Which meant I could do a very quick 5 minute shop (it’s a chilly day here in Melbourne), but I couldn’t get my massage since he was with me.

No probs, I was just happy to spend time with our puppy.   So we went to the shops, and when I stepped out of the car, walking in the direction of the food store and the Chinese Medicine shop (where I get worked on) – knowing I couldn’t get a massage…

My hip shifted – big time.  As soon as I stepped away from the car – BAM!

It was better than any chiropractic adjustment I ever had.  It was better than ANY physical intervention I ever had – PERIOD.  I felt felt places in my spine relax and stretch and integrate – that I didn’t even know were “out of wack”.

And my neck – INSTANTLY – perfect.   Full range of motion in all directions.   Feeling FANTASTIC.

POWER POINT 2:  Notice I imagined a scene that implies I felt great, playing with the puppy and feeling great.    And notice again – the manifestation happened when I let go of “the how” (getting a massage)(and maybe some acupuncture).

DSC_0006So here I am at home, getting ready to cook up a “man meal” for me and Emmett, and enjoying what we know to be true:

“Imagining Creates Reality.”

All you need to do – is stop doing silly stuff – stop getting in the way – and Follow-The-Formula that Neville blessed us with.

Many blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty And Emmett (and Victoria)

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  1. Carol says:

    Hi TT & V! I’m a relatively new reader, and just love your stories and examples of how all this works in your own lives. Truly inspiring. I have a question though. I have been experiencing some small manifestations, but I feel like I’m resisting manifesting anything really important. It came to me that I’m kind of afraid that I may actually have the power to do things like that. Dumb huh? Do you have any advice on how to proceed and release these anxieties? Is this common?

    Thanks for all you do!

  2. I absolutely love reading manifesting stories! Imagining truly does create reality. Thank you for all the Neville lessons.

  3. Carolyn says:

    Twenty-Twenty, those were two great stories. That choice to feel the heat of the lights on your skin was brilliant. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Nat says:

    Love this, thanks TT. Really helps illustrate how the teachings can be integrated into daily life.

  5. Viv says:

    Yes, these stories help so much to see how to use the techniques. So cool, too!