The Attitude – Neville Goddard Lifestyle Success Story

Hey mate,

Something special happens – the whole world becomes magical – once you get out of your own way – and TOTALLY get THE NEVILLE GODDARD ATTITUDE.  That’s why we designed Manifesting Mastery the way we did, so you get that.

Notice below, how Pete’s life simply is – what he wants now.   He’s not only learned “how to manifest”, he’s discovered new heights of being out of his own way – so he manifests CONSTANTLY.

That’s what this stuff is all about.   Enjoy the read and if you want – IMAGINE being just like Pete.  Make his story yours, and it will be.


Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

“The real revolution is when man discovers that by a radical change of his own mental attitude towards life he can change the outer aspects of life. When man makes that discovery, there is a real revolution in the world. A man discovers that by his own change of mental attitude he changes the outer aspects of his life! For I can’t conceive of any greater revolution in the world – and that is repentance.” – Neville Goddard

Hi TT And V,

Absolutely tremendous things have been happening for me since diving in to Neville Goddard and also working with you. Here is a list…

* Back in April, while vacationing with my family i Florida, we got an email from the airline saying that there was a looming pilot strike that was going to impact our flight home. I simply told myself, “That plane will fly.” Hours later, the airline secured a court order to block the illegal strike, the flight went ahead as planned, and our travel plans were not interrupted my travel plans. Not only that… before this news came in, I went ahead an spent $1,400 on ‘non-refundable’ flights for my family (on another airline) as a back-up plan. I couldn’t risk the possibility of being stranded with three kids, including a 5-mo old baby, no matter how strong my faith in feeling it real! 🙂 Once I got the news that the original flight would go ahead as planned, I called the other airline and discovered that the ‘non-refundable’ tickets actually WERE refundable if cancelled within 24 hrs of booking. And so that $1,400 was refunded without any hassle.

emmett_office* After missing out on an apparent ‘deal’ for new office furniture that was available from a major retailer that had gone bankrupt here in Canada, I thought… “Alright. But I still need a set of desks for the office. So… I expect to be provided with new desks, effortlessly and for almost nothing.” After that, I thought nothing more of it. Within a few weeks, a perfect set of 8 desks AND 12 office chairs became available from the same retailer and – get this – my brother was able to purchase them at such a severe discount that he said, “Don’t worry about re-imbursing me!” Then he and another friend picked up the chairs and delivered them right to my office. They look brand new, and I didn’t have to lift a finger or pay one cent! Effortless and not only affordable but – FREE!

* The car dealership called me to let me know my lease was up. I told them to provide me with a quote on a new vehicle. It would be a big upgrade – a much larger vehicle for my growing family. In my mind, I wanted a larger and more luxurious model, with plenty of bells and whistles, however, I wanted my current lease payment to increase only by a certain reasonable amount… not too much. A tall order, you might say. 🙂 I also wanted it all resolved swiftly the very next day – I did not want this to linger or to become a long, drawn out search for a new vehicle. I knew what I wanted, so why should it drag out? The next day, the dealer presented me with a quote on a vehicle to me that had already been ordered and said it was mine if I wanted it. It had a special lease rate, a rebate, and even MORE of the added options than I was expecting. Some of the minor details were different than I had pictured in my mind, however, by choosing this particular vehicle that was already manufactured, ordered and en route to the dealership for delivery, it meant it would be ready for me to pick up in a matter of days instead of in a couple months, compared to the particular model I was picturing in my mind. What’s more, the price he presented was PRECISELY in the range that I had wanted to pay. So this is a case of the end result being a better and faster solution than even I had originally envisioned. The car is now in my driveway. 🙂

* A client that I do marketing work for invited me to come to his office on short notice in order to meet an executive from his parent company who was visiting for the week. My client told me that I might be able to get some work from them, but that the parent company was intending to hire someone to perform the work as an employee. I accepted the invitation to come and meet them the following day. Before the meeting, however, I ‘disallowed’ the fact that the parent company was looking to hire an employee and I assumed the feeling that by the end of our meeting the following day, this executive would instead be convinced to contract the work to me. The meeting came and went and it was one of the easiest and smoothest of my entire career. The executive kept indicating how great it would be to work together, and I left the meeting by thanking him very much for the time, but not feeling any real pressure to try to get his firm commitment. I knew he had a flight to catch the next day, and I knew he had others to talk to about this, so I just left everything open-ended. Completely detached form the outcome. Just a few hours later, when I returned home from the meeting several hours later, I received an email from him wherein HE thanked ME for the meeting and indicated he is looking forward to working with me. It is now a week or so later, and I am set up as a vendor with the company, and I am beginning my first contract project.

This is just the beginning… 🙂

Cheers and lots of love,
Pete from Manifesting Mastery – Day 44

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“I tell you that your Imagination is God. Believe it. Exercise it. It is keyed low, but as you lift it up you intensify it and then vision after vision will be yours as you begin to awake. Do not think you are greedy because you are demanding things or the changing of things. You are here to create as your Father creates.” – Neville Goddard

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  1. Zarah says:

    How absolutely wonderful, I can totally relate, well done Pete!

  2. Margaret Cunningham says:


    Want to send a note of thanks to you for your work on Neville Goddard materials.
    It is wonderful you’ve devoted yourself to sharing & teaching this fantastic material.

    I’ve been trying to develop successful online business for past 15 years with
    limited success. I’ve spent so much money on every kind of
    self help plus different business opportunities to the point I’ve acculuminated high
    credit card debt.
    I had become so desperate to find out what my transparent beliefs
    are – or what is holding me back that I had signed up for $4000.00 Coaching class.
    Fortunately I found out about Neville, then you, within the 3 days of cancel privilege.
    I cancelled & purchased your Manifesting & Prosperity Courses. Today I listened to
    Prosperity & will begin Manifesting Course tomorrow. I’m doing quick through first
    then will repeat over & over. Plus your email exercises. I will also purchase your
    Feel It Real Course too. I hope it’s okay to do this as I’m doing it now. if I would be
    better served to proceed differently please advise.

    I Love Neville & You. Thank you for sharing Pete’s beautiful stories. They Are Mine.

  3. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Big love to you Margaret!

    You are in the right place, and looks like you are off to a great start.

    All those programs work great together, so have fun.

    And as you know, email us ANYTIME. We love updates, and we love getting to know you.


    TT and V

  4. Carol says:

    Now THAT is truly inspirational. Pete obviously has this down, and I know I can get there too. Thanks!

  5. Kat says:

    Pete! What a great testimonial to the power of your wonderful human imagination! I love stories like this. And I love the use of the word “disallow”. Powerful! Thanks, Twenty and V.