Another Amazing Lost And Found Success Story!

“What is it that you have lost? Well, take it in your own mind’s eye and then mentally touch it and mentally appropriate it and feel that you have it, that it is yours now, and remain faithful to that assumption and see if the thing returns.”

“If the thing is recovered, you have proved that you have found Israel (a portion of him anyway) and you know how to take him and clothe him in such tones of reality that you can bring him to the Lord, for the Lord is your own wonderful consciousness.” – Neville Goddard

neville_goddard_feel_it_real_lost_and_foundHi Mr TT and V and the adorable li’l pups…

I’m happy to report that I have started to feel wonderful. I used to be a positive, happy go lucky, I love life kinda girl ever since I got to know about LOA, power of the mind etc.

But in the last year or so I let things and people get to me, which started affecting me and my life.

I have been following your posts on fb since a couple of years. I loved reading them. Last month, on a whim, I thought what the heck, let me join the Manifesting Mastery course, I need help, what if this helps me.


I’m starting to feel like my wonderful ol’ self again. I feel alive and positive and expecting good things to happen most of the time.

I don’t stress much about the “how’s”. It doesn’t matter. I feel lighter.

Just a couple of days ago, I couldn’t find my credit card, I searched the whole house, searched in my wallet 5 times. I was about to call the bank and ask them to block it. Then I realised that I’m stressing. I mean, what’s the big deal, it doesn’t matter, I will sleep on it, and if I can’t find it in morning then I shall call the bank.

So while sleeping I imagined holding the card and pushing it into wallet, felt it sliding in. I said “I found it! Thank god! I found it!” I imagined it, then dozed off.

Next morning I searched in a couple of places again and then I thought let me look inside the wallet again. I opened, I looked, and I found it!

I had looked there many times before and it was not seen. This time I found it! And then I took it out from its hiding place and slid it in just like I imagined. And I said joyfully “I found it”.

(And now it keeps getting better and better!)

This week we also made a spontaneous vacation plan. It’s our wedding anniversary in a few weeks. We were just going to go somewhere nearby for a couple of days, nothing much.

But on a whim, we looked up air tickets for Goa. And they were at throw away prices. We were so surprised. Within a few hours, the whole trip was planned, booked. Yay!

Thank you for your teachings. God bless you guys. Looking forward to more and more.

With love,

V. in Manifesting Mastery

TT and V note: Notice how V has taken the Manifesting Mastery teachings and made Feeling It Real not just a problem solver, but a way cool way of life? (This is what it’s all about!)

Good on you V! Enjoy your lovely holiday with your special man, and enjoy the rest of your life with the Feel It Real lifestyle! Blessings!


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