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Anne’s Day 7 Success Story – Free Neville Goddard

Hi TT and V,

The past several days have been very enlightening & the Manifesting Mastery Sessions have helped me become even more aware of my “States” as well as what seems to trigger changes in my “state”

I am not around other people on a daily basis — with the exception of my husband, my daughter, and my 2 year old grandson (I take care of him 4 days a week & work in the late evenings, at home).

“I’m NOW back in control with what I am learning….”

I have very sensitive hearing (high pitch sounds that others usually can not hear). Some sounds (repetitive) can “seem” to drive me crazy — when I become aware that the sounds are affecting my “state” I now repeat to myself “nothing outside of me affects me”

Also, hearing words of others (my husband, my daughter, my sister, the news, etc.) can affect my “state” Now, I am immediately aware of when their words affect me and go back to a “happy” state as soon as I become aware of the effect.

“Triggers aren’t in control of my life anymore!”

I have also become aware that some things I see can cause a big change in sensations and emotions automatically — for example, I received an email and at first glance I thought the subject line was telling me something awful. After reading it more fully, I went … duh …

I’m the one that cancelled that particular item. But that first rush of Oh No! really exhibited how I can misinterpret what I think I am seeing.

This afternoon I had an almost immediate manifestation.

We had a power surge (happens quite often due to summer lightening storms) and our air conditioner’s condensor was kicked off. Our AC unit is very old — built & installed in 1972. We have babied it over the years (25 years) and most AC repairmen tell us to keep it going as long as possible because the units were built to last back in the 70’s. Anyway, I tried all my usual tricks to get the AC condensor to turn back on and Nothing worked.

I did not let this problem “freak me out” as I normally would. I simply told myself that we’ll just go to Lowes and get two AC window units if the AC is truly broken.

Then I laid down on the couch and did a Feel it Real Session.

After relaxing & getting into a state akin to sleep I saw my hand turning down the AC thermostat, heard the AC come on in the house felt myself walk over to the back door, saw my hand on the door knob opening the door & hearing that lovely sound that the outside AC unit makes when the condensor is working.

I repeated the above scenario a few times and then kept my eyes closed for quite some time.

emmett_running_september_2015_happyWhen I got up, I noticed it had been over 30 minutes since I had shut down the AC unit. I walked over to the thermostat, turned it down, heard the inside unit kick on, walked over to the back door, opened and heard that lovely sound of the AC’s condensor working!

Whether it would have worked without the feel it real session doesn’t matter — doing the session gives me a great sense of peace.

Looking forward to more Manifesting Mastery Sessions!

Anne from Manifesting Mastery – Day 7

We can’t wait to share your success stories here too! Let’s speed all that up right now.

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  1. Michelle says:

    That’s great! I have also noticed that with increased internal tension, things like that occur. But when I relax like Anne, that things tend to fix themselves. It’s like we unconsciously create a tension in our energy flow, which further makes me believe that we have much more control of our lives than thought before. The A/c air flow is a perfect example.

  2. Cindy in NYC says:

    Just did exactly the same thing with a piece of mail I received..regarding a dispute in which we are involved. I attached meaning to it at first, and suddenly found myself reacting with the usual ‘menu’ of response: “what? who do they think they are to do that? what did we do to deserve this? why are they singling us out?” (Notice the strong victim stance going in) Then I said, “Wait..this does not mean what I think it means. It in fact does not mean anything..” And then I reread the note from that context, actually saw what WAS written on the page, instead of what I had ‘inserted”..Then, I did not attach meaning to that either. :-)) Now, I am onto this about myself, so..I tend to look and, listen..making sure not to attach significance. Choosing this response instead of my first one, frees me up and stops blocking my energy, so I can actually allow the wonderful stuff to enter my life!! Like a do-everything Swiss Army Knife (!!) it is an amazingly useful tool, and solves more than half the issues that tend to come up! Anne, many thanks for the timely reminder..