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Angela Used to Be a Penny Pincher – This is Why we LOVE Manifesting Mastery!


Gosh what to pick to highlight for another fantastic week doing the Manifesting mastery course – 3 things stood out but I will pick only one for my review. This little story I think because it is fresh in my mind.

I was driving home from my partners house this morning, listening to a Neville Goddard audiobook for inspiration and something he said made me just want to imagine right there and then that I lived in a world that was lovely. I stopped at my usual halfway point for a toilet stop but today I decided to check out the little coffee hub nearby that had popped up about 9 months ago, which I had yet to check out.

A very short time ago the old me who was penny pinching and not feeling at all ‘financially secure’ would have said, nope, you don’t need that coffee, every penny counts. But I had just proven to myself in another incident yesterday that I was indeed financially secure and so none of this entered my mind while I was fully immersed in the state of being in a lovely world.

“Take me seriously. When you know what you want in life, construct a scene which would imply your desire is fulfilled. See it as clearly as possible. Feel its naturalness. Experiment until you know the scene and all it implies is real.”

“Now, to the degree that you believe in its reality, your experiment will become your experience. Do not stop there. Keep on imagining and share your results with others. Tell them how to free themselves from this bondage to Caesar.” – Neville Goddard

I called in, still in this state of loveliness and discovered it was a pretty little hub, the girl was sweet natured, and the service was friendly. The warm sun drew me out to the verandah and I sat watching the birdlife across the road in a little seaside lake. A duck in particular amused me and helped keep me in the state I was playing with. I had a big smile on my face I was so in the moment of loveliness and really having fun with it.

The pretty young girl brought my coffee out and was still cheerful, lo and behold the coffee was lovely too – that isnt always a guarantee! I sipped it for a little while and got up to leave. A working man who had called in after me shuffled unnecessarily out of my way, since he wasn’t actually in it. I got that little thrill you get when you realise that someone has noticed you and that someone is cute!! We made eye contact, and he smiled and shyly said hello – aaaah of course he would in a world that was lovely! – does this type of thing happen to me normally? No it doesnt.

Ah so easy, look how quickly I had manifested that on the outside world when I really had absolutely no expectation of what would become of it – I simply wanted to FEEL that I lived in a lovely world!

However I do want to add that what I also learned about manifesting this week is that it isnt just the ‘lovely’ that we manifest, we are manifesting all the time, the good, the bad, the neutral – we only seem to declare – ‘hey I manifested!’ when something great happens. But I am wiser now to all my manifesting, knowing that something that appears bad is guiding me in some way to the grander states of being that I have claimed, whether it be a bridge of circumstance necessary to move me along or wake me up to the fact that I am actually here already.

I end this review with the usual – you are AMAZING and I love this stuff so much. Thank you Mr 20 and Victoria. And of course Neville.

Angela – Day 56 – Manifesting Mastery

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