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Allison’s NEW Feel It Real Way of Life! – “Better than I have felt in YEARS!”

“The minute desire comes upon you, assume it is already a fact! You and you alone have given your desire a time interval and time is relative when it comes to this world. Do not wait for anything to come to pass, accept it now as though it were and see what happens.” – Neville Goddard

Dear TT and V,

I just finished Manifesting Mastery Lesson 63. What a great week this was! It’s hard to know where to start, but here’s what I’m noticing:

My life has changed in the last 63 days.

The shift has come on gradually, but when I look back at where I was two months ago, the difference is profound. I started this program because I was worried about money. Those worries are gone. We are hiring two new employees in the next two weeks. Hiring has gone from something we have talked about to an absolute necessity. Honestly, two months ago, we didn’t have any plans to hire, it was something we’d do one day, etc. Our first employee begins tomorrow.

I feel great, better than I’ve felt in years.

I’m more aware of the abundance in my life and of little things working out in my favor. I don’t rush around the way I used to. I just feel peaceful.

I’m understanding how essential it is to relinquish control. Feel it real, and then let go and know it is done.

Follow whatever impulse comes next, even if the impulse is to do something that may seem unrelated. This is where I’ve been going wrong! I’ve been working so hard, feeling like I need to control whatever I’m doing in order to reach the outcome I desired.

I used to work CONSTANTLY!

Now, I follow impulses and take opportunities. I am enjoying my life, secure in the feeling that I am already the person I’ve always wanted to be. I’ve experienced a shift in my mindset and an understanding that life should be fun.

This course has been amazing, and it really is a matter of grace that our paths have crossed. Thank you for all you do.

Many blessings,

Allison M. – Day 63 in Manifesting Mastery

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