A Whole New Life With Neville – Success Story

Hey TT & V

I don’t even know where to begin with this, its all so incredible!! This may end up being a rather long email, please feel free to share it if you wish and shorten it if it does end up too long.

You remember when I sent you in the email in December when I was really struggling, what I didn’t tell you was that I really was in a very dark place, I had managed to lose just about all my friends, my work situation was dire and my relations with my work colleagues was at an all time low to the point where I used to cry at night and couldn’t sleep for the dread of having to go to work in the mornings. I received a warning (first time in my life) and was told that I would not be receiving my annual bonus, yes things were really bad and I created it..(I think my break up was the catalyse for my downward spiral) how easy it is to fall from one state to another if you do not consciously watch your thoughts and feelings. It got to the point where I actually thought I didn’t want to live and I couldn’t make sense of all that was happening to me.

The day I wrote in to you, out of nowhere the thought came into my head to email you, just for clarity. It is the single most significant decision of my entire life and has marked the amazing turn around in my reality. At the end of your reply to me you said “stop trying to do it all on your own” those words held great meaning to me, as that was all I had been thinking, “I am tired of doing everything on my own, I can’t keep doing everything myself” those thoughts were always in my head. That one sentence from you is really why I knew I had to join your course.

Now to the amazing success, for 4 weeks I have been revising the conversation I had with my boss when I got the warning and told that I wasn’t receiving the bonus. I changed that meeting to one where I was being praised for my work and told that not only was I getting a £5000 bonus but I was being promoted as well which included a wage rise. He said to me I deserved it all and wished me continual success with the company. This was my feel it real session every day.

During the waking hours when going about day to day life I would think often of how thrilled I was about receiving the bonus and promotion, any interactions I had with my boss I would mentally thank him for the bonus and promotion. I would imagine telling my family about the good news and hear their happiness and joy for me, and I felt the joy, the happiness, saying over and over again yes yes yes!!

Well its happened!!! I was called into the office on Friday and told that he had noticed how much I have turned things round and that he had a changed his mind, I would now be receiving a £5000 bonus and a promotion. At the end of the meeting he said…. you deserve it and your future is here!!

That’s not all that has happened, since joining manifesting mastery. I have repeated to myself continually I have so many friends I love them and they love me, I am wanted and loved, and I have been feeling more love for myself and sending out more love to others than I have ever felt. Friends that I had not spoken to for months and some years have been contacting me. I have lots of friends now, my relationships at work have improved beyond all comprehension and I actually enjoy it and go into work happy. My life is a complete contrast to how it was 6 weeks ago! Oh and I also have not 1 but 3 men wanting to take me out on a date… life is so much fun!!

Revision I think is one of the most powerful techniques of Neville’s, it is a major life changer and I think it is so often overlooked by people, I know it was by me until I met you TT & V.

You know the first weeks lessons in manifesting mastery are crucial to manifesting and yet they are so simple but its the awareness that comes with those lessons and whenever I feel myself begin to doubt or react negatively to anything I use those lessons and the shift back to my ideal is so fast, I love them.

I am not saying that I have not had negative things and events pop up over the last few months because I have (although they are becoming less and less), but I am now able to choose how I react and then I change them mentally to how I would have liked them to play out. I honestly think that nothing is impossible with revision.

If anyone who is reading this is struggling the way I was then please help yourself right now and join this course. Light bulbs will go off all over the place with you I promise your awareness will expand and you will be able to create the most amazing changes in your life.

I feel so confident and now realise the power that I have within me, gods power and boy is it the most wonderful loving feeling in the world. We all have it its just most of us use it unconsciously.

Thank you so much TT & V.

I have so much love and appreciation for you in my heart.

Now I am at day 37 of your course… wow I wonder how much more goodness will be in my life by day 90!!

Huge Blessings

Linda in Manifestng Mastery

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  1. Paula says:

    That’s fantastic, Linda! Very inspiring.

  2. Karen says:

    Thank you so much for sharing, i have been struggling since novemver i am not in a good place, i have feel it real pack was carrying out revision and my sessions but i am stuck, this enail has came at such a time and will get back to it, blessings for sharing

  3. nertila says:

    Manifesting mastery is the best course and investment i’ve ever made. It can change your life. Thank u 2020 for this course.

  4. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thank you for diving into it Nertila!

    It’s a STEAL at it’s current price. (It’s gonna be a steal if we triple the price too.)

    All you’ve got to do is ACTUALLY DO it, and it will rock your world. (As you know.)

    Give up all the other stuff, and dive into it.

    Big love to you today!

    TT and V

  5. Linda says:

    Hi Karen, please do not give up. I have been studying LOA for years and I actually did hit rock bottom. I am being totally honest here the manifesting mastery course has changed my life. All the other LOA teachers out there they make it complicated and you feel that you have to pretend that you are happy even when inside you feel like you are dying. Manifesting isn’t like that, when you join this course all the aha moments happen and then things fall into place. It isn’t about pretending to be happy, it’s about realising who you really are and knowing that your imagitation and your imaginal acts are the creative force as soon as you start believing in your imagination you can’t help but feel happy and feel love because you know that your seeds sown in imagination will soon bear fruit and your life will change. I stopped reading and trying to do what other LOA teachers suggested. I followed neville broken down and explained so brilliantly by TT & V. Stick to this it will work.
    Love & Blessings


  6. Linda says:

    Thank you TT & V for giving me the tools and awareness to change my life!.. And thank you for sharing my story.

    Now I’m not doing it on my own!

    You are both amazing

    Much love and blessings


  7. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Good one Linda!

    When I am upset, everyone knows – TT is UPSET.

    No pretending “being happy” etc. If you’re busy pretending – you don’t have the resources to APPLY the GOOD STUFF. This stuff really is about noticing – and noticing more – and more – about what you really are – and noticing what you’ve been doing – because you THOUGHT you were so much less.

    Time to rise up and be what you are….


    TT and V

  8. Nat says:

    Thank you Linda. I can feel your wonderful energy through the words. Manifesting Mastery is such a valuable course, applying it is key.

    Finally got to see your Maggie, thanks TT & V

  9. Marilyn Rippee says:

    So inspiring, Linda and written in such a way that you demonstrated step by step how it unfolded. The comment about “not doing it on your” really hit me because that is how I have always thought. I am learning to realize that God is my constantly companion and blessings and abundance are something I deserve and I don’t have to “earn it” or “work hard for it” I just have to “feel it real” and it will manifest. I often remind myself now that with God always present you can not lose! That is empowering and releases that feeling of “I am alone.” Thanks for sharing your successes and keep sharing with us because it really inspires.

  10. Karen says:

    Thank you Linda, i do believe i create my realitiy but think am i doing something wrong hence the feel it real pack and following nevile and tt( who is simply amazing) for a year now…..but im thinking things arent bearing fruit and in fact the opposite has happened and i have been faithful i was in good place but everything now seems wrong, wether thats bridges of incedence i dont know but i will continue with my sessions and invest in manifesting , it sounds like the 1 i need to get , financially it will be next months pay check thank you Linda sooo happy for you , much love!

  11. I must be the only person doing this that is having the opposite result. My life, finances and health have completely fallen apart. I spent one of my last unemployment checks on Manifesting Mastery and that made it all WORSE. Is there anybody that can help??? I really feel like I'm going to die while everyone is giddy with all their fabulous manifestations. I'm terrified to even think about continuing this sort of thinking. HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!

  12. Linda says:

    Hi Gregory,

    I don’t know if this will help you, but I will give it a shot. I’ve been where you are now and I know how it feels and the thing is when you continue to feel that way you just keep creating the same circumstances over and over.

    Are you doing the sessions? And I mean really doing them?? Noticing what you are feeling? The thoughts playing out in your head? Noticing the triggers?

    The thing is if you are doing them for 3 mins a few times a day and then forgetting about them I don’t think much will change.

    You have to be persistent.. As neville continually said over and over you have to be persistent, you can’t just do a session here and there or a feel it real session every day and then continue on the rest of your day thinking about everything that is wrong, what you focus on expands and what you focus on will create your thoughts and feelings and it is these thoughts and feelings that create the circumstances and events in your life.

    If you really believe that your imaginal acts are the creative force in your life and the only reality, you will feel a sense of relief as you know that you are changing your reality, even if you can’t see it yet, you know it’s coming, you expect and you know it and if you focus on this and feel the way you would expect to feel when it’s here, things will begin to change.

    I remember the following words of Neville’s often he said something like “when I am experiencing circumstances that I do not like, I can tolerate them, because I know I can change them”

    You have to turn away from the senses, from what you are currently experiencing and live in your imagination knowing that what you are doing now is sowing the seeds of your future.

    Another thing this isn’t about forcing change and trying to change things in desperation because all that will do is create more of that for you.

    You really need to abandon yourself to the feeling of your ideal, believing in you, believing in your imagination, believing, trusting and walking in faith confident that it’s a done deal.

    Think on the things you want to create and really feel what you would feel if it was already here.

    And think on this… Is what is happening to you just now the walls of your old reality crumbling and falling away so that your ideal your new reality can be revealed… Just because you can’t see it yet doesn’t mean it’s not in its way.

    Don’t give up… Trust in yourself. Everything is in imagination, everything you need is already within you.

    Love & Blessings


  13. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Gregory,

    I’d do the course over. This time, email us every 7 days like we suggest and do the day 3 assignment and send it to us – that way we can offer some guidance – and help you notice what’s missing.

    Let us know, we’ll be glad to reset your lessons to day one.

    Side note: You mention that spending your last unemployment check on the program has made it all worse. And that you feel terrified…

    First, don’t base your final results at all on the physical world. Often it will look “worse” before it looks better in the physical world. It’s like making a mess in the perfect looking kitchen, to make the meal, that will quench the hunger.

    Stay true to the feeling. The exercises in the program will help you do that. So will following the formula. The FEELING will transform your behavior and your world.

    It will be great to help you if you choose to begin the program again, and let us work with you this time mate. That way, we can help you make the course corrections and adjustments you need.


    TT and V

  14. Mr Twenty Twenty says:


    You are spot on. Your comment is FULL of life changing advice. Well worth printing out.

    One of my mentors taught me years ago, NOTICE what the best students of the master are doing – not just what the master is doing – if you want to be like the master. They are the bridge.

    Gregory – use REVISION – NOW! Use it to revise your entire experience in the course. Don’t just change your results, change how you did the program. Apply what Linda shared above. IMAGINE having contacted us by email every seven days and having shared your ups and downs and exactly what you were doing and what you had questions about – so we were able to help you get the results and get the learnings just right. Revise mate. And if you want, like I said in my comment, you can do it again.


    TT AND V

  15. Gregory says:

    Thank you, Linda. You are very kind to respond so quickly and eloquently. I hope I can send you another response someday that is not coming from such a desperate place, but right now I can’t even “imagine” anything good at all. These sessions seem to have a direct opposite effect.

    I’ve been studying Neville for over 6 years now things just keep getting worse. Now I’m spiraling out of control and don’t think a way out is possible. I strangely believe that the teachings are the truth, but as silly as it sounds, it seems like it only works for others. I just can no longer dream my life away and have nothing nothing nothing (except illness, poverty and a feeling of absolute dread). I really feel like I have no purpose whatsoever and I’m exhausted by it all.

    I’m not trying to prompt you to leave another message, you have already done a great thing by responding and I’m truly grateful, I just can’t “feel it real.” Thank you and I apologize for rambling on with my stupid desperation.

  16. Karen says:

    I know what you mean gregory, i just keep thinking and feeling yhe words if it is long then let it wait as it will not be late. I was in such a good place everyone said even when everything was crumbling i denied yhe outer world then it all has gotton too much, single busy parent working, tired and life in general the last 3 months, to be honest every time mf tt sends out his email i say thank you as it keeps me going again, thank you Linda your reply has given soo much to us

  17. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Nat!

    Isn’t Maggie lovely. Maggie and our new puppy are almost playing now. That’s cool to watch.

    And you are spot on, application is the key. We are here to guide, but application – with guidance – is the key.

    TT and V

  18. Mr Twenty Twenty says:


    “Not doing it on my own.”

    The course gives the materials. The emails give the guidance. The action – with course corrections – generates the results.

    Whooo yah!

    TT and V

  19. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Keep going and keep glowing and keep growing Karen!

    You Are So Worth It!

    And FEEL what it’s like – to beyond “stuck” and “not in a good place”.

    And REVISE that out of your life.

    Big love to you!

    TT and V

  20. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Excellent Marilyn!

    You nailed it.

    You can’t “earn it” or “work hard for it”.
    (There is work to do often, like how Neville imagined being a preacher and he preached (thankfully) but the results came from iMAGINATION”.


    TT and V

  21. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hey Gregory!

    You just nailed something.

    “I am truly grateful.”


    Explore that. Expand on that.

    Let that feeling GRATEFUL – fill your life – where desperation has been.

    Use that as the foundation. You don’t need any “thing” to feel it for, just explore generating GRATEFUL.

    This will give you the ladder you need to climb out.


    TT and V too

  22. Angela says:

    Hi Gregory,

    I know what it’s like to spiral into negativity, and how hard it is to rise again, but please know it can be done. Go easy on yourself. I have been using the LOA for some years but only recently discovered Neville and this wonderful site.

    Re-read some of his books. I find this helps me re-focus. Do you have a fellow Neviller you can talk about his work with? (because, wow, that helps!)(And if Neviller isn’t a word, it should be)

    Out of curiosity (nosiness) – what is your goal? What are you aiming for in your future?

    Best wishes,

  23. Linda says:

    Hi Gregory,

    I hope you don’t mind, but can I just point something out to you, in my response to you, I mentioned “this isn’t about trying to force change through desperation”… I meant this generally (as this is what I used to do) This was not a judgement about you!

    But this is what you picked up on most and you then labelled yourself as desperate and then apologised for “rambling on with your stupid desperation”.. Can you see that out of my entire response this is what you focused on?

    I certainly did not feel or judge you as desperate and I also do not feel that you are rambling on. We are all here to help one another, if I hadn’t reached out to TT near the end of last year I would still be creating awful events, which by the way I was so masterfully creating!

    Also your “feeling of absolute dread” – what do you think that is creating for you? You said you can’t feel it real but you are feeling it real with your feeling of dread and your belief that this only works for others.

    This works all the time every second every minute of your life you are creating. When you are worrying you are creating. Whatever you focus on and infuse with feeling you are creating.

    I am in my late forties and I have created some of the most horrible awful and painful experiences and circumstances. I CREATED them.. When I look back now I can see that I created them, so if I can create these awful experiences.. I sure can create pleasant experiences and that is what I have done.

    Fear and dread are just as creative as love and joy.. It is this realisation that can set you free.

    TT & V are doing an amazing thing here on this site and TT answers every email, he will offer you support and guidance and help you on your journey, as he said to me stop trying to do it all in your own. Reach out we all want you to succeed! We are all in this together and we all care.

    I am only going to imagine wonderful things for you Gregory and I know I will see your success story here one day.

    Don’t give up on you!

    Huge love & blessings


  24. Linda says:

    Thank you TT!!

    I was so ready for this, so ready to bury the old me.. So when the student is ready the teacher will come… What you do here is life changing.

    I think of you both as friends and your caring and wonderful energy comes through on the recordings I receive every day. Simply wonderful.

    Maybe one day I will come to Australia and thank you both in person 🙂

    Much love and heart felt blessings!


  25. Gregory says:

    Dear Mr TT,

    Thank you for your response! I appreciate it very much. I know no one is coming to save me and there is no God outside of my (wonderful?) human imagination. Just me and my bereft imagination…great.

    It’s a very lonely place. It is a living Hell.

    I wish I had never started messing with reality. I only wanted to know a better life.

    When I was in my teens through my 20’s I naturally and intuitively did exactly what Neville teaches (decades before I’d heard of Neville) and I had uncannily accurate and timely results. So I know his work is the TRUTH…or I thought it was.

    In my 30s, I discovered A Course In Miracles. I wasted many years studying ACIM which warns against deliberate and specific manifesting because it claims such use of mind is “magic” as opposed to “miraculous” and it tells us that we don’t really know what’s best for us in the first place.

    When I discovered Neville about 6 years ago, I was thrilled to find something that confirmed what I had already intuitively known to be the TRUTH, but ever since I started doing these sessions nothing worked anymore (except in a negative way).

    In December, half-way through your course, my computer died. I got a used one from a friend, but before I could resume your course, I became very sick for several weeks. I don’t remember being so sick in my entire life. When I started to recover, the momentum I had with your course was gone and I was afraid these bad experiences were somehow related to the Neville work.

    I literally couldn’t continue your course at that time and now I’m too afraid to go back to it or any of Neville’s teachings.

    I’m sorry for all this drama, but I’m afraid I will die very soon and I want to tell you honestly how I feel without having to coat it with a forced positive attitude.

    About 4 years after I started listening to Neville, the job I was working for 14 years became unbearable. I would revise conversations with my boss, as well as “feeling” a new job that was perfectly suited for me, but that was only a quick fix and things kept getting worse. About 2 years ago I ended up quitting a few days before they were going to fire me.

    In the last 2 years I’ve gone through all my savings. I’ve run out of friends that could help. I look 10 years older than I did only 2 years ago. I’m always sick, I’m out of ideas and my imagination has left the building. Sorry, that may be the wrong use of “I AM,” but the positive use of “I AM” seems to be just as destructive.

    Now my credit cards are maxed out and I’m clueless about what to do. I’m panicked. I don’t have a college degree, I have a criminal record from 20 years ago and these days, when you’re looking for employment, everything is dug up and held against you. Also, I’m turning 60 years old and I have no skills that can be used in the work place. In Los Angeles, that is the basic formula for homelessness.

    As dumb as it sounds, I feel like I’ve been put under a curse or spell, yet, in reality I know it MUST be coming from me. I understand that reality is my own consciousness pushed out, but how could the self-loathing or fear I’m somehow harboring be so powerful? How can it be more powerful than “God” (my imagination)? I suppose it IS my imagination turned against me…as though it was controlled by a different entity other than myself….ridiculous, I know, but that’s what it FEELS like.

    Don’t forget…I’m talking about YEARS of daily work on this…YEARS. YEARS! This attitude of resignation is new, I was not telling this story until recently, now that it’s all over for me.

    Even the Christians I know that pray to “JESUS THE MAN” have decent to stunning results! I wish I could believe that way, but I can’t get into the Christian thing. I already have plenty of condemnation going on without adding that crap to the mix.

    Revision sounds like such a brilliant thing to do, but when I did it, it just felt like I was telling myself another lie and it was guaranteed to “backfire” causing even more disaster.

    The “feel it real” sessions I’ve done for YEARS were often so convincing that I’d be brought tears of gratitude hearing the congratulatory expression of a friend as I saw them through my own eyes. I’d come out of those daily sessions almost surprised that they weren’t in the room.

    More and more frequently some NEW horror would immediately follow the session. I tried to stay in the feeling of the accomplished thing, but after a while I started to realize that the sessions were actually doing the opposite by somehow triggering new and more horrible experiences. I did everything I could to NOT react to my 5 senses and stay in the feeling I experienced in the session, but the “backlashes” were too strong, too frequent and too immediate.

    The actual sessions themselves were the only peace I had, that’s why I kept doing them, but now I’m suspecting those wonderful daily sessions, which were a relief in themselves, were somehow backfiring and causing this unlivable HELL.

    After years of doing this, I’ve finally recently discontinued the meditations. I felt I had to to stop this tidal wave of misfortune.

    I couldn’t keep doing this for years with no tangible positive changes. When people suggest that I “just keep doing it” and “hang in there,” I’m reminded of Neville speaking of the fig tree that “Jesus” cursed because it did not produce figs when he wanted them (meaning, of course, these manifestations aren’t supposed to take forever…etc.).

    I just don’t get what I’ve done so terribly wrong. I know this material so well, I could lecture on it, but my life just keeps getting worse. It’s gotten so bad, I can hardly breathe.

    I’m hip to the fact that telling you this story is a form of creating more of what I don’t want, but this is all I have to show for YEARS of studying Neville. I feel like I’m a modern day “JOB,” but I don’t know how to get out of this.
    Yes, I know that is an operative belief in itself, but it took years of bad experiences before I decided it doesn’t matter what I do or say…my life is over.

    So there is no God outside of myself, yet I can no longer even imagine anything good happening for me. Is there any better description of Hell?

    Thank you for letting me share my disastrous experience with you. I know you help many people, but now I’m convinced that I am someone that truly has no purpose in this world at all.

    Time is running out. Maybe it has already run out. I think I already died and this is eternal HELL.

  26. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hey mate,

    Go back to Week 1 of the course.

    You can’t help but imagine. We all are doing it, all the time.

    The thing to remember is that YOU are the one imagining things like having “no purpose in this world at all” and that the positive sessions have created a living hell for you.

    Stop. Sit. Be still.

    Some people for a time, need medical help, to stabilize the body chemistry, so they can get back on track. Consider that if it’s a possibility for you.

    And remember too, part of you RIGHT NOW is imagining there is hope, that there is something better for you, THAT’S why you wrote.

    Revise mate. Get help if needed.


    Blessings to you,

    TT and V

  27. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Good one Angela!

    And to you Gregory, many of us have been in some DARK places. I have. That’s why I do what I do.

    You’ll notice what I share here, and what I don’t.

    I don’t post up how to manifest a new BMW every 90 days or how to manifest a million….

    I post what I’ve done and what I know works with this stuff.

    Which is, you can restart your life. I have.
    You can find peace. I have.
    You can find purpose and you can find happiness.

    And you can create a life doing what you love, helping others, and feeling valuable.

    Side note: Imagine lovingly for others for a while. Just do that. Imagine the most loving thing you can for them. And don’t bother checking to see if / when it comes true. Just give with your imaginal acts in the most lovely way.

    And if you do this, you’ll also be opening the floodgates to blessings from others too, in a way that only that can do.

    Blessings to Angela and blessings to Gregory,

    TT and V

  28. Jennifer says:

    Gregory, May you find the strength for peace and strength for peace.

  29. Jennifer says:

    I meant May you find the strength for peace and peace for strength.

  30. Innocent says:


    TT said it all in Manifesting Mastery: “YOUR EYES ARE ONLY A FEW INCHES APART”.
    Neville said “There are ways you know not of”
    BEGIN AGAIN and work closely with your teacher,you are still alive.

    CHEERS Gregory

  31. Karen says:

    I think everyone on here is so kind. Helpful and all been where we do not want to be, to find peace is such a wonderful place to be, thank you TT + V, thank you Linda and all who share, it really does help us all get clarity i am so grateful this.

  32. Lisa Marie says:

    Hi Gregory – I intended to respond to Linda and her success, but every response is really to her success. Even your current state, because it has helped begin this conversation, here. I am a double graduate of the course, and a full time, The Pearl of Great Price being a benchmark I just have to, want to, be vigilant about. Everything Gregory.
    There is not a moment when vigilance to language, thought and energies are not critical, evidenced around you. I am not the great teacher my friend Twenty is – I learn from him every time we are together, everytime – yet I can share with you that the desperation your words reveal reveal you, of course. And those words show that you are not doing the Mastery course deeply enough.
    I know, it sucks when you want an act to reveal the paycheck etc: but I am another living proof story of holding totally clear on the state realized when my life was filled with doubt.
    It becomes your new habit. Your new language. You self correct, first at the large turns – like where your language shows you are now – to the moment to moment adjustment, like where I am now. Two years later.
    Gregory, it is a way of life to begin attentively watching, owning and deliberately deciding on your path and your words and your state.
    I called Twenty and V when I was really sick: and he interrupted me and said are you sick right now? and I said, well..yeah…he said are you happy right now? this second? well, yeah… and disjointed me so easily for a story that was beginning to tack traction in my life with friends, business meetings…etc.
    Begin in your mind remembering: I am writing this story right now. This moment. I am re-writing this event, this conversation to create the STATE I wish. Neville has it figured out Gregory – and Twenty has Neville figured out.
    Just begin again. Choose again. Be again.
    The most amazing story will be yours. Even now, you can feel to be comforted and reminded and included – or you can choose to feel outside, away from the "apparent successes". Come join us here. Find friends that don't allow you your story of disillusionment.
    Long reply..It seems you and Linda both have galvanized the community.
    See how good that is?
    FEEL the Love and Gratitude and Direct attention people have on you.
    Feel and Do the good stuff!

  33. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Well put Lisa!


    TT and V

  34. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Spot on mate!

    The world of the senses is so LIMITED and limiting.

    Keep going, have faith!

    TT and V

  35. Karen Sinclair says:

    Kudos to you, Linda for reaching out when you needed to! And double kudos for joining Manifesting Mastery and turning everything around. I agree revision works!

    May your blessings multiply exponentially.