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Dear Mr. 2020 and Victoria,

Happy New Year!

2014 ended and my Manifesting Mastery program is going to end soon.I want to share how it felt for me especially that now it’s towards the end.

When I first saw your webpage I was desperately looking for solution of a problem. Instead, I found a lifetime change, the truth behind me, God, life itself. Honestly now I don’t even remember in what state I was when I first started but I am grateful that what seemed as problem turned out to be the biggest opportunity in my life. Especially the Manifesting Mastery pack, I am at peace with myself, a peace I never felt before. I am not waiting for anything to happen, I live being happy every moment feeling I have all already because I do.

What happened after New Year was great. I felt amazing connection with myself, the person I desire to be and strong urge to finally let go of all fears and be that person for real, not only partly. Before we spoke about investing/spending, guilt and respect. I did something I was avoiding before out of fear.

For the first time in years I stood up for myself in front of the man I love. I was calm, loving and completely confident and made it clear what I think, feel and how I expect to be treated. Suddenly I felt a huge shift in me, him, us and life itself. I didn’t do it to make something happen but to express myself, the real me.

Before I had unconscious fear of missing sessions as if that won’t make things happen fast enough. Now I do as much as I can and as much as I feel like and enjoy them for the sake of them, not because they are supposed to force a change. I realized I am the change I want to see in everyone and everything and unless I am not in harmony with myself nothing else can be. Like Gandhi said “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. I realized that’s all I need to do, it’s really that simple because I am one with God, I am the change, I am the first piece of domino and the other lined pieces start falling once the first does.

You helped me to find the path to the real me, the me I never met before and didn’t dare to be before. I can’t express how grateful I am! Thank you!

I have an advice for all that want to join the Manifesting Mastery pack – to do it for themselves and not as a reaction to what happened to them. I was extremely persistent in the second and if the pack changed me it can change anyone even if they are not willing to surrender to the truth.

Kind regards,

Geri from Manifesting Mastery

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“The spiritual man speaks to the natural man through the language of desire. The key to progress in life and to the fulfillment of dreams lies in ready obedience to its voice.” – Neville Goddard

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  1. Pooja says:

    Dear Geri

    So nice to hear your story.Would be cool if u can elaborate on “I stood up for myself in front of the man I love. I was calm, loving and completely confident and made it clear what I think, feel and how I expect to be treated. Suddenly I felt a huge shift in me, him, us and life itself.”

    It would be of great help to me.

  2. Geri says:

    Hi 🙂 The way I stood up for myself was expressing who I am, what do I want, how I expect to be treated. I made it clear that I will not compromise. It was not an ultimatum, it was not to make something happen, to force a decision in someone. It was me standing up for what I believe in, for what I know, for what I want to have and I do have because it’s all in the imagination. Also, I didn’t do it to see his reaction because senses don’t matter like Neville teaches. I did it for myself only, it moved something in me and in him too which was a bonus. But I didn’t put that much attention on how he reacted even though it was a good reaction. If I did it would mean I am looking for sings that it has happened or it’s coming. I already reached my destination inside me and live from there. Hope that this clarification helped 🙂

  3. Shivangi says:

    Dats really wooowww dear..!m so happpy for you..
    I m also on d same path n by reading dis i really feel i eed to do all things which u have written here..its just awesome.thnkew for sharing dear..

  4. Pooja says:

    Hey Geri

    Thanks for your sharing.You have explained very nicely. Thanks a lot again.