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Hey mate,

Today’s Neville Goddard lesson is mixed in with the New Home Success Story from Tanya below. It’s a goodie. Remember, success leaves clues, and that’s what we are going to explore today. Let’s dive in with this quote of Neville’s and Tanya’s success story:

“If you want anything, you simply sleep in it as though you had it. The secret of feeling as if it were true – that’s the secret.” – Neville Goddard

Mr. 20-20 and Victoria,

Another banner week in Manifesting Mastery. I play a game on ipad and iphone called Blitz. They’ve “improved” it to maximize their money but made the game much worse. I commented aloud how I really wished I could let them know they’ve ruined my game and about 30 seconds later I saw an invite to take a Blitz game feedback survey. First I’ve seen in almost 2 years!

Next, my mother wanted me to watch a show, but I don’t watch tv or have cable. I was online and thinking I should look it up but forgot the name. I felt like randomly looking up the plot summary for The English Patient and when I came to imdB- the show name, Scandal, was right on top advertised by NetFlix.

Note: This is the Neville Goddard lifestyle. Not making a big deal out of anything. This is a master key that most people miss.  Instead of making  a big deal about anything, there is a gentle expectation when you live the Neville Goddard lifestyle that “things work out wonderfully”.

Neville taught the feeling of, “Isn’t it wonderful”.  And isn’t it wonderful that Tanya got exactly what she wanted, and it was no big deal.  When you simply expect life to be an enjoyable adventure like how Tanya shares above – it becomes one – and the universe moves magically for you.  Stop expecting crises and struggle.  Start expecting lovely moments like this all day long.   Let’s take it now to the next level.

My new rockstar client (which she manifested as well) and I are getting along fabulously. I am coaching him in business, doing his marketing strategy and creating new products! It is so easy and natural to me.  I agreed to look for a second home for one of my clients locally last Wednesday. Thursday during my morning gratitude time intuition said look now and I immediately found a lovely home just posted a few hours earlier. I texted. Waited. Texted. Waited. Got anxious, called and emailed. Nothing until 6 as I’m leaving the gym.

It was not available to be shown yet but I got the address to drive by. Of course the contractors on site let me in. It was wonderful. I recommended it to my mentor and he asked that his daughter see it, but she just had no interest in going. I returned the next day and measured the house. All my stuff fits like I bought it for this house of course.

It is 60% larger than my current place. Friday night I began to realize that I was in love with the house. I could FEEL it was mine. I went back to the empty house at 10pm and asked God if it was my house. I felt the yes!! I said I didn’t know how and needed extra funds or I’d have to have a roommate. Didn’t want one at 40 but I would do whatever it took.

Note:  Notice Tanya simply FELT it was hers.   She didn’t stress about it, or make a movie of her in the home.  She FELT that it was hers.   That’s why we share the Feel It Real Formula here.  Pure Neville Goddard Gold.

I asked for a solution and went to bed. I woke with the solution, to ask my Rock Star client. I did and he agreed to pay me additionally, so I could get my house! I applied knowing my lease ends June 30. Owner said there were many others and could I move in June 1? I asked that he work with me and he said he’d think about it. I got to work. I have never done such a fabulous job feeling it real.

I kept feeling myself in my bed in my new bedroom looking into my new bathroom. I convinced myself. Long story short, my best girlfriend on Sunday offered extra funds if needed. On our Monday, Memorial Day the 26th the owner asked if I could sign the lease to move in June 1 if he waived the entire security deposit of $850! Yes. I said. He approved me Tuesday night. He showed me his phone where he had 19 emails and 7 voice mails ALL trying to rent my place. In 6 days God brought me from not looking and living in the apartment I’ve outgrown to having a wonderful 4 bedroom, 2 bath home, with a yard and a 20X12 office for my new work.

Note:  Tanya kept feeling herself in the bed in her new bedroom.  That’s it.   Resting, sleeping in the state of the wish fulfilled.   Notice she wasn’t making the mistake most people make –  imagining signing the lease.  Instead she imagined being already MOVED IN.  Sleeping in her new bedroom. 

tanya lampsI signed the lease that night and the owner told me his wife had been praying he’d rent to me. I went to thank the contractors today and they told me they put in a good word for me – one said he knew it was my house. Finally, on Sunday to act my faith I went looking for lamps and little tables. I bought 2 lamps from a thrift store. On my way back by the house, it saw a sign that said FREE: 3 lamps, a beautiful wine rack and drawers for my office J Wine rack fits perfectly to left of fridge.

I realized 2 days ago in the bathroom that I no longer have any urgency for my dream husband to show up. I am busy being a Brainy Black Barbie the Beautiful Businesswoman and she draws the right husband when he’s available and ready for me.

Trust me, I was very, very focused on this before. I know that by being able to release my focus on this, I release resistance and that makes space for him to get here faster ironically. Feeling so marvelously unfocused on a husband-and certain he’s on his way and too busy to fret about it. WOW.

Note:   Tanya isn’t focused on getting a husband anymore, in the program she has learned that letting go of URGENCY allows Feel It Real to work.   She knows it’s a done deal.  No longer having URGENCY means it is done.   

I just started to apologize for the length of this email but I genuinely believe that you two are enjoying sharing my growth and expansion. It feels true. So I am just going to notice that my ego wants to make me uncomfortable over being excited to share so much with you.  Brainy Black Barbie the Beautiful Businesswoman is Beat!

Good night you two. Can’t believe how much cool stuff I edited out! It’s safe in my gratitude journal though…

Tanya S. Atlanta, GA

P.P.S. All 3 FREE lamps work! I said I wanted nightstands and those showed up for $10 for sale 2 blocks away. I needed a shower curtain rod and the contractor gave me a brand new one from his truck. I even needed a special wall shelf because the bathrooms in this older home are small and it showed up offered by the nightstand seller for $20. I am in the zone.

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“So, we get out of one state into another state; and we do it in the same way I went to Barbados: sleeping physically in New York City, in my imagination I slept in Barbados; and my brother was moved to send me a ticket, and justified it by telling me the story of the family who had never been together at Christmas, to make it easy for me to say, “Yes,” for I did not request it. I did not ask it. He simply wrote the letter and enclosed a little draft, and told me to go and get my ticket.”

“So, I was there for three months, and I came back; and then, I tell you, to discover the creative power of the world was my own imagination was an awful shock! It was easier in the past to believe in an external Christ – much easier to believe in an external God to whom I could pray; and then if He didn’t answer I would say, “Well, all right; so He doesn’t want me to have it.” I could justify failure. But then I had no escape, and that is a very difficult thing. I couldn’t turn to the left or the right and praise or blame any one, for I had found the Cause of the phenomena of life, and that Cause was my own wonderful human imagination, and that is what Scripture calls “God” and calls Jesus Christ. – Neville Goddard

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  1. lisa says:

    You just KNOW I love this story. I think Tanya did an excellent job of course, being at ease Just today I shared with you TT and V how the house we manifested suddenly had a glitch (new building on the property across the way, so people, noise, lack of privacy…) and it was well.. interesting because the “signing” of the lease had been delayed…. no strain, no stress….and now we know we have been saved from a future we would not have wanted there. So – stay tuned…when I write you about the perfect house that is here for us.

  2. Anne says:

    Thanks, Tanya, and TT and V, this is very inspiring! I know exactly what I want in this particular time in my life. This reminds me about what I need to do to have it.

  3. Eli says:

    Mr TT and V.
    Hi again. First, congratulations to Tanya. Very Beautiful history.
    Second: another question…(sorry, I always had one 🙁 )
    If you want a house, living in there (in my imagination) is the way how get it. right?
    But if I had a headache, Should I imagine a “health head” or an aspirin? (or take an aspirin, if it is in my way?)
    If I had a broken teeth, should I imagine a perfect smile or a dentist that fixed (or the money to pay him)?
    Because, If I had hungry and I want eat pizza… If imagine a pizza, the results is… more hungry. (not the final that I need in this case is “eat pizza”)
    Maybe is a confused question, but I think that is the problem that I have with some manifestations.
    pd. I had success with your advice. I hope learn more. (the book imagine neville goddard simplified in spanish version is wonderfull!!)

  4. Pooja says:

    This is so inspirational and superb Tanya!!!!
    I love the part when u say ” I asked God if this home is mine and the answer came yes”
    Its beautiful!!
    I have been using the same technique for everything…Asking God & I am being guided perfectly and life is awwesome!!!

  5. K says:

    Congratulations Tanya! I am so happy for you! I love hearing success stories, so thanks for sharing. They give me such a boost of energy. I can’t wait to hear your next update!

  6. Beth Smith says:

    Great story, great article TT and V. I have been doing this when, I go to bed at night, think of the end, I put the feeling into it; I feel, the urgency, isn't as bad as it use to be; I feel, in my mind, I have done all I can, and the rest the universe will take care of..when the time is right, knowing, this puts my mind at ease, and also gives me hope, b/c I felt like I would have given up long ago……..

  7. stuart says:

    If you want pizza, imagine chewing the pizza, feeling it in your mouth, the taste, the smell, the texture. Let it go. I actually have this happen a lot. I feel the experience and then go about my business. Later, most often, my partner comes home with it or a neighbor offers it to me, or I see it dirt cheap. LOL. Your getting caught in the chicken or the egg. eat the omlete and let the god within you take care of making it .Does that make sense. If you want great teeth, run your tongue over your teeth in your mind and feel no gaps, spaces, jagged teeth. Use a natural action without judgment. If you can feel one perfect tooth, you can feel them all. It will release you from all the traps of the how’s and whys. I would just take an aspirin for the headache.

  8. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Eli,

    Great questions mate. I would imagine what you want instead of a headache and the lovely smile.

    When in doubt, imagine having the benefit.

    And if you have a chance, could you do an Amazon review of that book for us, it would really help us reach many more people.


    TT and V

  9. Harsha says:

    Great bit about expecting things to go well and working out wonderfully and realizing the natural state is one of well being. This called living in the state of grace where nothing is truly “earned” and our inherent state which is one of well being (: behind all the facade of action and drama of life :).
    The state of grace that’s what we should rest in and things will simply fall into place with just light setting of direction on our part. I am experiencing this on a day by day basis now.