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80 Year Old Success Story – It’s Never Too Late to Feel It Real – Free Neville Goddard

Today’s Neville Goddard Success Story is from Bobbie, who is 80 years young, and who is member of Manifesting Mastery. Bobbie has a great story that keeps reminding us about how simple it is – when you simply Follow The Formula.

Let’s dive in:

2015-10-14 07.08.24Hello Mr.Twenty Twenty:

I will be 80 years old next month and I want to share some things with you. As an infant I was brought up in the Baptist Religion. Through the years I have been very drawn to the Mystic which is very far from the Baptist teachings.

I have worked on myself through these years and fulfilled my dreams for my retirement. That was being able to be in the Desert during the winter and North to Montana in the summer. However, I really did not understand exactly how I accomplished it. With the economy the way it is today, I do not have enough money.

I heard about you from Dr. Wayne Dyer and decided to see what you were all about. So that is how I met you. (God at work) I purchased your information about manifesting money and it has paid off for me. It’s not too often that I go to the casino to have a little fun but Sunday before last I kept being “nugged” to go to the casino. While driving to the casino I kept seeing a certain $5 machine and also the location.

I walked into the casino and put $50 into a $1 machine that attracted me and built up over $600 with the $50. I decided it was time to go find the $5 machine. Away I went found the machine that I kept “seeing”, sat down and began playing.

While playing, each time I pushed the button, I moved into “feeling it real”, accepting the money in advance and the feeling of gratitude for the wish fulfilled which I learned from you. The machine kept paying off a little at a time and all of a sudden it hit really big and the machine went crazy.

The lady sitting next to me looked over and said; “Great you won $1,800.00”. I said;”No lady, its 1,800 coins. $9,000.00. It’s the largest jackpot that I have ever won. Just a week ago, I went in the Casino with $400, used the same procedure and walked out with $800.00. I have proven to myself that it works ! But plan on using it wisely and not abusing it.

You are such a good teacher. The way you teach is really easy for me to understand and also use. How fortunate for me to find you. Blessings of Light and Love to both you and Victoria.

Bobbie in Manifesting Mastery

Thank you for sharing with us your success story Bobbie. It’s a great testimonial that we can all benefit from learning these amazing teachings no matter what our background, and no matter what the age of our bodies. You are on fire, and it is a great pleasure to share this adventure with you.

Many blessings,

TT and V

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  1. Anne says:

    So inspiring! Any of us can do this. My mom is 79, I am starting to share what I am learning from Manifesting Mastery with her.

  2. zach says:

    Ok ya I’m getting the manifesting mastery course. After all the awesome testimonials. Im excited 🙂

  3. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Awesome Anne!

    Everyone deserves the chance to learn this way of living life. And everyone deserves to learn the truth about themselves – not as a belief change – but as an experience that gives to them forever.

    Blessings, and good on you.

    TT and V

  4. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Good one Zach!

    Blessings mate!

    TT and V

  5. Linda says:

    Love this!!!.. It’s always all about the feeling 🙂 Thanks for sharing.. Proof again that feeling it real works big time!!

    Big love

  6. Marilyn Rippee says:

    Way cool!!!

  7. Nat says:

    Love and blessings to you Bobbie! Thanks for sharing.

  8. lisa says:

    Wonderful story to share, and a wonderful way to know how it works. Simple. Formula. Do it.
    Great share.

  9. Cindy in NYC says:

    Ric and I take care of two small buildings here in NYC, when I am not looking after my 94 year old mom (I am 68, Ric is 72). It is ‘holiday envelope time”, and while I usually do well, I kept feeling it real, saying, “isn’t it wonderful?” grateful for all the blessings that arrive at our door. Well!! Yesterday afternoon, the door bell rang. It was the president of our building management Board, who lives here in the house. He handed me a large envelope, and said, “with much thanks from my family and me!” After he left, I opened the envelope and found $200. Ten minutes later, there was another tap at the door, and it was our upstairs neighbor, who handed me a big RED envelope. There was $400 in it. $600 within fifteen minutes..not too bad. A half hour later I went down to the mailbox and there was my bonus check, from the managing company, for $500. Eleven hundred dollars in one hour? And still another week till Christmas..feeling it real – more envelopes heading our way!