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Hey mate,

Today’s Neville Goddard Success Story is from Doug. Doug has been working with us for about 2 years now, and he’s obviously taken the lessons in and made them his way of life. Let’s dive into his success story from this past weekend and use it to take your manifesting to the max.

“Don’t consider the means. Know your desire is already an accomplished fact and you are now reveling in it. Then have faith, for faith is loyalty to your unseen reality. Your imaginal act, although unseen, is reality for God did it. If I asked you who is imagining it, you would respond: “I am” and that is God’s name forever and forever.  Learn to live in your imagination morning, noon, and night.”  – Neville Goddard

heartwood_flower_2Hi Mr. TT & Victoria,

My wife and I found our dream home and decided to go look at it even though we weren’t quite ready credit wise. I walked into the house, and I KNEW it was ours. I felt an amazing sense of it being ours…no question.

TT AND V NOTE: Notice how Doug had “No Question” about this house, being there. He did what Neville said to do above, he simply knew their desire – was already an accomplished fact.   That’s the reason why FreeNeville is here, to help you get to that level – the level that changes everything – even when there is a bump in the road.

We didn’t qualify because even though we do well, our business was too new to prove income. We were notified that someone else had bid, and it was sold. I was disappointed for a minute, but thought that it was a perfect time to keep feeling it real even though it was sold to someone else. It was weird…I still knew it was ours.

TT AND V NOTE: Notice Doug stopped feeling bad after just about ONE MINUTE.  He didn’t let the bad news ruin his day, his week, his life.  

Instead, he STOPPED, and he imagined THE END he wanted.   He again imagined – the house – being theirs.  Notice he didn’t try to figure out how it would happen.  He simply imagined – that what he TRULY WANTED was already an accomplished fact.  Doug imagined, the house – being theirs.  Let’s see what happens next – what happens when you believe in the power of your imaginal act.

This morning we got a call from the agent saying the deal fell through and the owner would be willing to hold the loan for 2 years which will give us more than enough time to show good credit.  Long story short: we saw the house Thursday. Declined Friday. We bought it Saturday. If this isn’t proof of the power of Neville, I don’t know what is.

Thank you both!

Doug M.


You are nailing it mate.  This is why we keep telling everyone about Neville Goddard and the Feeling It Real lifestyle.   We know it works, and we know that your lives will forever be changed because you stuck with it, you remained faithful, and you believed in the power and the truth of your imaginal act.   Have a great day mate!

Mr Twenty Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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  1. Christophe says:


  2. Ni An says:

    Wow what an amazing success story.I learned a lot from this.To believe your desire is still yours even when it may seem it’s not.Woo hoo thanks Doug, TT and V.

  3. Angel Light says:

    fan-tas-tique …. mag-ni-fique !!!


  4. Nat says:

    Wow! Fantastic! Congrats!

  5. Pooja says:

    Dear Doug…Heartiest Congratulations!!!
    Dear TT & V

    Can’t thank you’ll enough for this website!!!
    Each article , each success story , each sharing brings a huge smile.It is really awesome to live the Feel It Real lifestyle!!!!