Free Neville Goddard – How does NEVILLE actually do it?

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In today’s Free Neville Goddard, we learn exactly how Neville Does It.

Notice when Neville is awakened he has a very powerful quality – THE FEELING OF RELIEF.

If we don’t fully FEEL the wish fulfilled, and then FULLY LET GO and have this feeling of relief, this ORGASMIC quality of RELEASE unto I AM, we are not letting the baby be conceived, so it can’t possibly be born. If we don’t fully feel RELEASE, knowing it IS accomplished – we block with built up frantic energy, and don’t get to experience what it is we have chosen.

Notice the steps that Neville takes below:

This is how I do it: When I close my eyes this world is shut out and I, like Isaac, am blind to the outer world. Then I feel myself into the state of my desire. With my inner eye I see it all around me. I sense its solidity, and when my five senses are awakened I have the feeling of relief, knowing it is accomplished. When I open my physical eyes, Esau – my physical world – returns and tries to persuade me that what I did was unreal. But having done it time and time again, I know that my desire is moving towards its objective fulfillment.” – Neville Goddard

So let’s FULLY FEEL it, so we can FINALLY LET IT RELEASE – like an orgasm – into the womb of possibility.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for being a member of the Free Neville Goddard community.

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  1. Neville Goddard's own words – exactly how he does it……

  2. Lucy Shaw says:

    This is an excellent recording. Do you visualize on the same topic or topics one time or every day until it is manifested?