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$50,000 DEBT GONE! — Gail did it again!

Dearest TT and V,

Hello again my friends!

I was on your site today needing yet another Neville fix when I decided to review some success stories for inspiration.

To my delight…

I found the story I sent you a while back, the one about how I used Neville’s teaching to begin feeling my way out of debt. A lot has happened since and I thought you might enjoy this update.

Click Here – for those success stories of Gail’s

feel it real - live boldy

The tens of thousands of dollars of debt…

…I referred to in my previous post was actually over $50,000. Looking back, it still seems like an impossible amount to eliminate but a few months ago, using the teachings I discovered on FreeNeville, I sent in my final payment.
But wait, there’s more!

While this large debt was my focus…

…I also set some additional financial goals. My twenty year old home needed updating, my savings account was pathetically small, and because Jimmy and I love to travel (yes, he’s still the love of my life thanks to Neville’s wedding band’ technique!), we just wanted to have some fun.

In addition to paying off the $50,000 debt…

…I’ve updated my home top to bottom including a new heating/AC system, my savings account is approaching six figures and we take several trips a year while anticipating trips booked next year to Florida, Maine and Ireland. My next large financial goal is paying off my mortgage, which I am Nevillizing for January for 2021.


Curious friends, including my manager at work…

…want to know what in the world I’m doing. Most often I use Neville’s “isn’t it wonderful” technique because I feel my energy shift to a place that says I’m already there. Phrases like “isn’t’ it wonderful that success is mine, isn’t it wonderful I can travel where I choose, isn’t it wonderful that I have money to spare?” help me live in the assumption that what I chose has come to pass.

The main reason I haven’t shared…

…this update earlier is that I didn’t want to appear boastful or arrogant to readers.

Believe me..

…I’ve had more than a few false starts on the learning curve. But none of this could have happened without Neville’s powerful Feel It Real teaching that you so generously teach, clarify and share on FreeNeville. Many thanks my precious friends and much love to you for your constant support and inspiration!

Gail – Manifesting Mastery Graduate!

PS Your courses WORK. I started with the Prosperity Pack!

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