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Do Not Be Intimidated – 3 Common Neville Goddard Questions Answered Today

Hey mate,

Today we are answering three common kinds of questions we get often, and we want to remind you why you sould never be intimidated. Enjoy!

Neville Goddard Tree Bead

Neville Goddard Tree Bead

“Hey tt and v, I have a question. Suppose I’ve put on some unwanted weight now. And I don’t buy clothes for me at my current size beyond the bare minimum. I REFUSE to accept a size that is not the one I am now. Am I doing something wrong by refusing to ‘ water down my teachings’? Or am I denying my current body of self love and acceptance?” – S.

Great question S.   Neville talks in his recordings of walking the streets of New York City in his body, while in IMAGINATION he walked the streets of Barbados.  (And of course, he ended up in Barbados).  If it was winter, I am sure he wore a coat, and didn’t consider that wearing a coat was denying his assumption.   Buy what ever clothes you feel comfortable buying and wearing, while walking in the comfort of knowing your true size is what you have imagined.  Just do your sessions, and live from the state of the wish fulfilled.

Every now and then we have a slow income day, or a feeling under the weather day.  That doesn’t mean that we have lost the wealth or health mindset.   It just means that it’s “one of those days”, and we continue to do our Feel It Real Sessions, and love and accept what we truly are, which is not our body – but is truly our spirit – the life giving force.

“Hi Mr. Twenty twenty, I have a question, recently I shared Neville with a friend and although he believes in something bigger than himself, he also questions God being imagination. This is because he’s been anesthetized numerous times for much needed surgeries in the past and he remembers only going to sleep and going into nothingness, then waking up. That’s where the question of God and imagination comes into play. What is actually happening when we are under anesthesia if God is imagination? Thanks so much in advance.” Tracy

Great question Tracy. Neville says, “God is man’s consciousness, his awareness, his I AMness.” And that “imagination is God in action“. We are one with God, as consciousness – and one way we experience this is through the workings of the wonderful human imagination. We hope that makes sense, sometimes talking about “oneness” in English (a language that presupposes subject and object) is a little odd.

TAKE AWAY: We love how Neville ends almost every recording with, “let us go into the silence”. Notice he doesn’t say, “now imagine up something wonderful”, you can imagine up something wonderful – anytime.  And you can do that much more effectively – by first “entering into the silence”, the lovely base level of consciousness.

The God Lectures and the Special States collections (which every serious student of Neville’s must have) of Neville’s lectures will give you lots of great insights in this area, and also expand your understanding of how that supports Feeling It Real.

“Hello 2020, Could you explain or shed some light on some of these Neville Goddard statements: In the book Your faith is your fortune, Neville says “focus your attention upon the desired solution by already feeling yourself to be that which you desire” So, how does a person feel themselves to be a new car or a new house they want or desire? How is that really done. Again in relation to desiring an object like a car,how does one become aware of being a car or something else. I think I can understand about say being a doctor but I need a clue/understanding as to inanimate objects.” – Ben

Thanks Ben.   When people first find Neville, they often are still thinking in terms of “things that will make me happy”, instead of “being the happy man who has these things.   We’ve been teaching for years how important it is to “assume the state of the man / woman you choose to be”, and never to get fixated on “the million dollars”.   Being a wealthy minded man will invite – manifest – produce wealth in life.   I bet you’d enjoy this article of Neville’s, where he shares How to Formulate an Aim.   (Notice he doesn’t focus on the stuff, he focuses on the person who has the stuff / circumstance he chooses.)

“Inspired by Neville’s teachings and your splendid guidance, I wrote my own obituary. Shortly thereafter, things began to shift. At first the bottom fell out of my career…or at least I thought it did. I’ll spare the details but that was a serious turning point. Though I didn’t lose my job it became very clear to me the new Gail was stepping out. Going forward it would be me who decided which fork in the road to take instead of leaving it up to the horse. I began to actualize my lifelong dream…”- Gail

Great share Gail.  Here is one of our favorite Neville quotes that fits in perfectly with your story. Sometimes we get to experience a seeming tragedy, as part of the process of getting what we have chosen to Feel Real.

“Do not let yourself be intimidated by the horror of the world. Everything is ordered and correct, and must fulfill its destiny in order to attain perfection. Follow this path, and you will attain from your own ego an ever-deeper perception of the eternal beauties of creation. You will also attain an ever-increasing release from all that which now seems to you so sad and terrible. The whole thing is ordered. The whole thing leads towards the perfection that you determined to bring about when you emptied yourself of God and actually became the being that you are today. ” – Neville Goddard

Thank you for being you!

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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