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This is NOW My Best Year Ever – Manifesting Mastery Success Story

TT and V Note:  THIS is what we IMAGINE for YOU – Starting – Right – Now!

Hello TT & V,

I just want to take a moment and thank you for your teachings. I started Manifesting Mastery last year and finished it early this year.

At the beginning of the year I started a list of “2017 wins” and looking over the list now at the end of the year, I realize what a great year it’s been!

Here are a few of the wins.

Back in March, I wanted to be by the ocean and…

…stay at a specific condo complex for spring break. But, they were sold out. A week before spring break, I got a nudge to check one more time, and sure enough, there was one available! It turned out to be the most charming condo I’ve stayed at in the complex. It was a very memorable, fun trip.

Early in the year, I noticed a large lump in my body.

Because of the size and discomfort, I was very concerned.I decided to go out of town for a few days to a place where I could relax and contemplate who I am in the universe and who God is. I did a lot of thinking and soul-searching and I realized how ridiculous an idea it was that a lump could claim my life. I wasn’t concerned about it after that and it only crossed my mind when I felt discomfort from it. And when that happened, I kept going back to that realization of who I really am.

“One day, after a couple of months, I realized I wasn’t feeling discomfort anymore. I felt for it, and couldn’t find it; it was completely gone!”

A few months later I left a pair of earrings in a locker at my gym by accident.

They were a gift from a family member and meant a lot to me. When I went back for them, they were gone. I thought this would be a good opportunity to feel it real, so I did, and didn’t get discouraged about having lost them.

A couple of days later I was back in the gym using the same locker as before and I got a nudge to look on the top shelf. I hadn’t left them on the top shelf, but I climbed up on a bench to look anyway.

Someone had tucked them in the corner on the top shelf! I was just as excited about being able to rely on “feel it real” as I was about finding the earrings!

I also recently got the promotion at work I’ve been feeling it real for throughout the year, and I have the flexibility to work from home anytime, take time off whenever I like, and pretty much write my own schedule!

There are many other “2017 wins” on my list, but I just wanted to share a few highlights.

Even better than all the wins is knowing and feeling that I’m not a victim of circumstance or what appears to be happening around me or to me anymore.

Thank you for your podcasts, emails, and videos; they really do make a difference in my life! Keep doing this great work!

Debbie – Manifesting Mastery Graduate in San Antonio, Texas

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